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Roots of the Shaiva Velalar community

Every dimension of the Avatar’s birth is carefully chosen to accomplish His Divine Mission, creating ShriKailasa - the enlightened civilization and greatest Hindu Nation.

The Avatar took birth in the ‘Thondaimandala Shaiva Velalar’ jati or community. Velalar literally means ‘ruler of the land’. The word Vel means ‘earth’ or ‘land’ and Alar means ‘one who rules’. Velalars were an agrarian community owning marutha nilam (one of the five lands advocated by the Sangam literature). Many Kallars, Maravars and Agamudaya thevars became collectively called ‘Velalars’ during the Pallava Kings’ rule. That is how it started.

They were given different titles such as ‘Gounders’ in Kongu Nadu (Western Tamilnadu), ‘Pillai’ in Chola Nadu (South Eastern Tamilnadu), ‘Pandiya Nadu’ (Southern Tamilnadu) and ‘Mudaliars’ in Thondai Nadu (Eastern Tamilnadu comprising Tiruvannamalai, The Avatar’s birthplace).

The first layer of Velalars are the original homogeneous group of Mudaliyars or Shaiva Velalars who were settled in Tondaimandalam ruled by the Chola King - Karikala Chola, covering what is today known as Chennai, Chingleput, Kanchipuram, Vellore, Cuddalore, Arcot, Vadalore, Thrivannamalai, etc.

Saiva Velalars were called by different names in different places. In Thondaimandalam, they were called “Mudaliars”. In some places they were called “Saiva-Pillaimars” and “Karkarthars”. In some places, they were also called “Chettiars” as they were engaged in business, particularly in jewellery trade.

The great Chola king Karikala Cholan awarded the title of “Mudaliars” (meaning muthanmai (first) citizens) to these community members. Since then they are called “Thondaimandala Mudaliars”.

Attributes of the Shaiva Velalar community

They are strict vegetarians, literate and sophisticated like Brahmins but do not perform priestly duties. They have a rich heritage, tradition and civilization known for their honesty, intelligence, valour, loyalty and administrative ability. They produced ardent Saiva devotees called Nayanmars, such as Sekkizhar, the author of the great Tamil epic Periyapuranam who also hailed from this jati.

Glory of the community

These community members had the privilege of handing over the crown at the time of coronation ceremony (mudi-sootu vizha) of the kings, religious heads etc. This is sung in the old Tamil classical literature “Thirukkaivazhakkam” which states “mangaiyoru bhagarkum, madhavarkum, mannavarkum thunga mudiyai sootumkai (the hands that handover the crown to kings/religious heads at the time of coronation ceremony)”. In the great Tamil classical literature “Kamba Ramayana”, Kavi Chakravarthy Kambar has stated that “the great sage Vashista took the crown from ancestors of Vallal Sadaiappa Mudaliar and crowned the king Rama” (“Vennaiyur Sadayan thangal marabulore kodukka-vangi Vasittaney punainthan mauli”).

Shaiva Velalars - Pontiffs of Shaivite Monasteries

Most significantly, the Matathipathis - ruling Pontiffs of the leading religious temple-monastery entities called Aadheenams - in Tamilnadu like “Kanchipuram Thondaimandala Aadheenam”, “Dharmapuram Aadheenam”, “Thiruvavadudurai Aadheenam”, “Madurai Aadheenam” and so on are drawn from the Shaiva Velalar community. Each of these Aadheenams was a spiritual seat, a Sovereign Samasthāna or Peetha - a Spiritual Kingdom established by Paramaśiva Himself as an “enlightenment eco-system” of ancient Kailasa aeons ago. Under it functioned the various kingdoms.

The Guru or Pontiff who assumed the Seat was the representative of Paramashiva - Primal Hindu God and Hindu Cosmic Principle. He was the Constitutional Head and functioned like the President. The kings were the executive heads and functioned like the Prime Minister.

Even during the times of war, the Guru held the Constitutional authority and the authority of the State Head. He held the entire ecosystem together and when the war was over, whoever won would be coronated as the successor king. Thus, even during the period of war, the civil society never experienced instability in administration.

In the event the king died without a successor, the Guru held the position of the king and maintained the ecosystem. Similarly, if the Guru left the body without a successor, the kings used to hold the monastery until the successor Guru assumed the Seat.

This is the way the enlightenment eco system was kept alive.

Persecution and Revival

However, each mutt or aadheenam degraded in spirit and form with the persistent British and Mughal attacks on Hinduism and its principles.

Today, these Aadheenams are mere memorials of the glory and destruction of Kailasa and therefore Hinduism.

Yet their mechanism is such, they carry the potential to propel Hinduism back to life, through two surviving vital elements of their original existence - 1) the presiding deity of the Aadheenam that radiates the pristine Source energy - Paramashiva, and 2) the Ruling Seat - still alive and occupied by a lineage of Pontiffs.

The Ruling Pontiff accedes the throne as the representative and energy of Paramashiva.

It is Paramashiva’s promise that whenever the ebb of Dharma (virtue) is reached, He Himself will incarnate and restore Dharma for the whole of humanity.

In keeping with the Promise, these Ruling seats have been adorned by many a glorious incarnation such as Devi Meenakshi, the great Tirujnanasambandar, the Divine Sri Adi Shankaracharya, and most recently the great Paramacharya of Kancheepuram, each time delivering to humanity, illustrious eras of revival of Kailasa.

Working for the purpose of revival of Kailasa through birthing in the Shaiva Velalar Community

This explains The Avatar incarnating as a Thondaimandala Shaiva Velalar - the Jati which adorns the Ruling Seat of these ancient Aadheenams.

The Avatar from the age of 10 has been recognised and crowned to the Ruling Seat of several Aadheenams.

Every Pontiff sees Him as the fulfillment of his own aspiration and that of the entire lineage of rulers who have adorned and will ever adorn the Ruling Seat.

The Birth of the Avatar is therefore the most precisely orchestrated Happening in the Cosmos, seamlessly fulfilling all human and divine requirements, to deliver humanity to its original purpose of enlightenment through the revival of Kailasa.


Savalpoondi, a village in Tiruvannamalai district, 2 km away from Tiruvannamalai town. This is where The Avatar's paternal ancestral family lived as a highly affluent, agricultural family from the respected Shaiva Vellalar community, and from where they came and settled in the heart of Tiruvannamalai in Tiruvoodal street.

This Ganesha temple was owned by The Avatar's paternal ancestral family when they were settled in this village.

Rear of the Ganesha temple in Savalpoondi.

The sacred Arunachala mountain - embodiment of Paramashiva (Primordial Hindu Divinity) - is visible from Savalpoondi.

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The Avatar Speaks on the His Biological Family's Background in Agriculture

Yogee yunjeeta satatam aatmaanam rahasisthitah l Ekaakee yatachittaatmaa niraasheeraparigrahah ll The one who feels the same towards an affectionate person, a friend, an enemy, the indifferent, the neutral, the hateful one, the unfriendly, the noble one or a sinner! Yogee yunjeeta satatam aatmaanam rahasisthitah l Ekaakee yatachittaatmaa niraasheeraparigrahah ll The translation: The contemplative sage, saint having subdued his thoughts and character, his identity being free from desires with an attitude of renunciation, seated within oneself in aloneness, should continuously connect with the higher consciousness by unclutching. The Jeevan Mukta having subdued his thoughts and character, identity, being free from desires with an attitude of renunciation, seated within oneself in aloneness, should continuously connect with the higher consciousness by unclutching. Now Bhagavan actually enters into the straight technique of unclutching. Yogee yunjeeta satatam aatmaanam rahasisthitah - Having subdued his thoughts and identity being free from desires! I tell you, subduing identity, subduing thoughts anybody can do. It is not a big thing, I tell you. Thoughts can be reduced very easily with any simple technique. I know one sadhu. I have seen him day-in and day-out in Rishikesh. Whole day the only work he will do is wash his Kamandalu, the water pot. It will be just shining. But you know the most funny thing? He has less thoughts, very less thoughts. His only focus is that his Kamandalu should not become dirty. His water pot should not be dirty. That’s where everything stops. Any simple technique, even technique like washing your water pot can bring your thoughts down. That’s not a big thing! Subduing the identity means thoughts are food, identity is person who eats. Who eats should be subdued not just the food. The identity grows, expands with thought. Reducing thoughts is not a big thing. Actually, without touching the identity, reducing the thoughts is very easy. I have seen a yogi standing on his one leg for more than 12 years, in Kumbhamela during my Parivrajaka time. He really had a very reduced thought state. But unfortunately the attention people give because of his Tapas has made his identity swollen like his leg, one leg, on which he was standing. One leg on which he was standing was swollen, same way because the attention he enjoys from people, his identity was swollen. It is very easy to have less number of thoughts, if your identity is getting more and more boosting. If the identity is not touched, it is very easy to have less number of thoughts. When the identity is touched, almost like a honey comb, how if the honey comb is touched, the bees come out, like that thoughts come out. I have seen many of my ashramites. They will really be having very less thoughts, calm, composed. Just poke at their identity once. People whom they don’t like or there is a hatred, just one word from that person like a honey comb – Buzzzzz! All the thoughts will come up. The whole puss will come out. If your identity is not touched, having less number of thoughts is not a big thing. Once Kuppammal, my Mentor and Guru, she was really worthy of that word - Vibhuthanandapuri. She told me “You need to learn to drop the identity”. 15 year old boy, what will I understand? I said “You tell me what I should do, I will do”. She gave me a begging bowl and told me “Go around and beg all over the city and come back”. My grandfather, he is a big guy in that village. So, till death he was the head of the rice merchants’ association. See, rice is the biggest business in that area. For 3 states that one city supplies rice. That is the largest market in all these three states - Pondicherry, Tamilnadu and Andhra. That city fell somehow in the center place. Even the Tanjore rice comes there, gets sold and goes to different places. It became like a rice route. Growing itself is not that huge, but the marketing and the rice mills – huge number of rice mills getting the crops and cleaning and making into rice and branding and marketing. Still my father’s side people are involved. Till the death, my mother’s father - he was the head of the Rice Merchants’ association - means morning he will fix the price of the rice. And even now my father’s uncle is the largest rice mill owner. He owns some 7 rice mills now. Their family only donated our Thiruvannamalai Ashram land. Actually Thiruvannamalai Ashram’s both lands, one land was given from my father’s side; other land was given by my mother’s side. Pre-monastic relatives, they gave the land. They donated both the properties. Anyhow, rich guys, rich family background! But I have to go around begging. Then slowly, I picked-up my bowl and said “All right I will go for begging”. Then she gave the Kavi to wear and I put on my Kavi. There is a unique way of wearing, one cloth, one knot in the back! That’s the way you have to go for begging. It is called “Unjawrithi” in Tamil. I don’t know whether it is a Sanskrit word. Even in north if this word is used or not I don’t know but in south they use the word “Unjawrithi”. So, with the begging bowl I started. I went to the same streets where all my family is having shops. Pre-monastic family they all have their different shops – Rice. They are all into this business – Rice and cooking items, Dal, oil, all these, like a general store. Anyhow I did not have any problem, but all of them had a problem. They all know I am little crazy. But they did not expect I will go to this extreme. And the first shop itself they caught hold of me. “What for you came?” I said “Don’t ask all that, I am a sadhu now. I am asking you for Bhiksha. Will you give or not, you tell! I am going for next shop. Don’t disturb my business!” If somebody comes and sits in your shop and goes on begging at you, your business will be disturbed. “And don’t disturb my business”! Then finally, my grandfather’s shop! He caught hold of me and said “How much you need to stop this begging? What is your amount, target? Tell me that. I will give the whole. Keep quiet and go back. And I can’t handle this phone call from every shop!” Those days phone has come. It will be big and create a big sound- ‘Cring, Cring, Cring’! Huge sound! No cell phone those days but the phone has come. “I cannot handle this phone call”. Only four numbers those days, no, 4 numbers and local call means four numbers. And he is telling “For last half-an-hour only these phone calls I am attending. From every shop they are calling me. I can’t handle this nuisance. How much you need totally, tell me”. I said “There is no goal. Kupammal told me that I have to beg all over the city”. Specifically she has given the route also. She knows. And I did not have any problem. Finally he said “Talking to you is no use. I will call that old lady and talk to her directly”. Ragupathi Yogi is very close with my grandfather. So immediately he sent a person to get Ragupathi Yogi. Kupammal can’t move freely here and there, but Ragupathi Yogi was very healthy till the death. So he sent a person to bring Ragupathi Yogi, so that I can be advised, I will stop this. But before he could come I left. And I went round, went round, went round! There was a shop, my classmate! It is her father’s shop, a girl, my classmate! So I am going and standing there. She was also sitting in the shop. And she said “You gone completely crazy, you become mad and now you are begging also. I told you so many times not to go to that lady, means Kuppammal, be with the old lady continuously. Now you see you have become beggar!” I tell you I could see very clearly, the body which is standing and begging is different, I am different. Ultimate ability is ability to renounce the desire to be a hero. Ability to renounce the identity! I tell you it is that training which protected or still protects, saves me during this whole identity crisis! See the attack on me was not defamation; it was literally creating identity crisis. Please understand defamation is different. Trying to create identity crisis is different. Attack on me from 2010 is not just defamation. Trying to create identity crisis! Trying to completely confuse people about who am I, who I am! And they tried their best even to confuse me. See if constantly 3 years somebody tells you, “you are a cheat, you are cheat, you cheat”, you may start thinking “Am I really cheating?” You may start thinking, when you sit in the morning Pada Pooja “People are worshipping me. Am I really a cheat?” Not once I doubted me. How can I doubt me? It seems somebody who left Ashram, one ex- brahmacharini was telling another one devotee “If people put complete faith on me or you, even we can heal!” I was laughing “Even you don’t put your whole faith on you, who will put their faith on you”? People don’t need to put their whole faith on you to heal them. You need to put your whole faith on you! Not a moment I had a doubt! Understand, it is very easy to live even if the whole world doubts you. It is impossible to live, even if you doubt yourself for a moment! You can’t live if you doubt yourself. After all this, I have not doubted myself for a moment, because I have experienced myself! I have seen the beautiful side of me, the graceful side of me. When I saw the graceful side of me, I just fell in love with myself! So even when Kalabhairava decides to punish people, I can see very clearly it is because of his compassion to the larger part of humanity. And these people are begging punishment! What to do? They are not ready to keep quiet. I have seen the most graceful side of me. Never, never, never have a doubt, neither had, nor having, will never have! I could see very clearly. Even though I will not go to the school regularly, I had a very good friendship and respect from all my classmates, batch mates, with everybody, whether it is boys or girls. I can look back and even people who lived around me those days as my class mates, many of them are devotees and some of them are in the ashram doing volunteering and all that. My roommate who was there in my room for 3 to 4 years is in the ashram as a volunteer. Sometimes I talk to them. The people who studied with me in the school are there in the ashram as a volunteer; people who studied with me in the Polytechnic, who is roommate who used to sleep next to me. Those days in the Polytechnic there was no cots, it was only mat. And the place will be allotted by painting on the floor. So my next block they call it. For each mat, they will put a paint on the floor. They will put number also 16, 15, 17, 18. My next number guy is in the ashram, as a volunteer. And my roommate in Ramakrishna mutt, he comes to the ashram regularly as a volunteer. Sometimes I used to talk to them. I asked them. “Do you feel some change in my lifestyle?” They said “Nothing Swamiji!” So the moment the girl, my classmate started to screaming “You become mad, you are begging, your life is going to be a beggar” and all that she started screaming. Then her father got angry with her. He said “Either give something or keep quite. Why are you abusing him?” The father started telling “May be he is doing it for some spiritual reason”. Because in South India it is very well known, you go to beg for three Saturdays and whatever comes take it to the Tirupathi. Go by walk to Tirupathi and offer it in the Hundi. It is a tradition. So, he was telling “May be he is begging for the Venkateshwara. How do you know? It is a tradition. Even now they do”. Especially this month only it starts. This is the month. Three Saturdays they will go to house to house and beg. Whatever comes with that they will carry the whole thing may be rice or money, silver, gold; whatever people give they will carry the whole thing, they go by walk to Thirumala and offer it in the Hundi. Anyhow I did not bother. When I finished the whole thing and came, she asked me only one thing. She was sitting in the house. I don’t know who gave her report. She asked me only one thing “How did you feel when people were screaming at you?” I said “This body which is standing is different and I am different”. She said “You are a Brahmachari!” Then she asked me “Did you go to your classmate shop?” That was a big shop, well known shop. I said “Yes, I went”. What did your classmate tell, she tell you? I said “She was screaming - I become mad. And she was abusing me, abusing you, that I become mad!” She asked me “What did you feel exactly at that moment?” I said “I was very clear. This body is different which she is abusing, I am different. I never felt attacked or disturbed”. I tell you, the capacity to stand with a begging bowl without having an identity is the most difficult thing. That helps me still now to stand with a begging bowl in front of my disciples. Never ever think, I am a head of my disciples. No. It is literally with a begging bowl only the whole thing runs. Only one difference is now-a-days, I beg to drop their identity into my pot, which the Brahma Kapala, which sucks their identity and eats! Few days before I was telling you one important thing - the ability to give-up anything! Today I tell you, you are a sadhu only if you are able to touch anybody sweet, whoever you feel is your enemy. I have seen sadhus giving up multi crore properties in their hometown leaving everything and going to Himalayas and there they fight a small place where they sit and beg or eat their food in the ashram or bhandara or in the temple. I know one fellow is from Coimbatore Goundar community. He left a property, big property near the place called Sulur. He is a sadhu now in Rishikesh. There is a Karthikeya ashram there which is in the name of Subramanya. He left crores of property here and went away there to become sadhu. There I saw him fighting for a place in the Bhandara! I laughed! I tell you, when I made a statement, all my sadhus, all my ashramites should practice this habit of “non-possessiveness”- Anything is around me, belongs to whole world; anybody wants they can take it! Same way, a sadhu, all my ashramites! Please understand, this is the instruction to all the devotees, viewers, visitors; but this is the Guru Vak for all the Ashramites and sadhus and sanyasis and jeevan muktas. Understand, I am spelling it out very clearly, ability to drop your identity in front of any one is the quality of sadhu and I wanted this to be a Guru Vak to all my ashramites. What is there? You think all the abusal I am going through, I am worthy of it? It is excess being done on me. But that is the way life is! That is the way humanity is! That is because you did not become enlightened few thousand years before and serve the humanity. I am struggling all alone. See, lakhs of people died in Hiroshima, Nagasaki. All the people who are dead, are they worthy of that death? Now hundreds, I don’t know may be 50, 60 people I think, died in Sivakasi. Do you know the terrible thing? In that whole group of people who are dead, I think 56 or 58, I don’t know the exact number, only one person was working in that Fire cracker Industry. All the fellows who were working in the industry were saved. The fellows who came to watch and rescue, 57 people who came to watch and rescue were dead. When they saw the name list, only one person who was actually working was dead. If they listened to the Police and everybody has fled. See all the workers have fled. They all have saved themselves. One big group came there. The Police said you don’t go for rescuing people, we will go. You don’t know, don’t do. But curiosity! India it is a big, it is a religion! If few people are standing and seeing, you have to put your nose to find out what is going on inside. People are telling me, we are not able to reach-out to people, teach meditation, nothing! Go to any big park on the main street. 4-5 people of you stand around and watch inside. Let one fellow be doing inside one Kriya or Meditation, Nithya Dhyan. In 5 minutes, there will be traffic jam in that road. The whole crowd will be standing around you watching inside who and what is he doing. No I tell you. Make one person to sit and do Guru Pooja and 5-6 of you just stand around. You should stand around in such a way that from distance they should not be able to see what is going on inside. Only, when they come near and put their head, they should be able to see what is going on inside. Stand like that. It is a powerful technique. You try. All you need is 5 people, one to do Guru Pooja, 4 to hide and stand. In 10 minutes you will see the whole street traffic jam; the whole crowd will be standing and watching what is he doing. Till end of Guru Pooja, he should not open his mouth to answer any question. And I tell you not a single fellow will leave. That extraordinary curiosity! These fellows came and standing and lost the life. They are not worthy of what has been done to them. But that is life! Standing up even when the life and humanity does not behave Dharmically to you is Jeevan Mukti! Standing up with your clear Dharma, even when the humanity and society does not treat you with Dharma is Jeevan Mukti! I tell you, even if the society behaves with you Dharmically, you behaving Adharmically is a demon. When society behaves with you Dharmically and you behave Dharmically is a good person, when society behaves Adharmically and you behave Dharmically is Jeevan Mukta. Even if the people around you, when they don’t behave Dharmically, stand-up on your Dharma. That is what is subduing the identity! This is second Guru Vak I am giving you guys - Ability to drop the identity! I tell you, when you are able to drop the identity, all the problems you have will not have a chilly, the anger. Even if you have a problem, both of you will sit together and understand, understand, understand more and more. Every interaction with other person should create more intimacy; more trust on that person over you; more trust for you over that person. If your every interaction with every individual creates only trust on both sides, you are free from identity; I tell you, you are Jeevan Mukta. You are a Jeevan Mukta! The ability to drop the identity is Jeevan Mukti! I tell you one more secret. As long as you have certain identity you will always feel society is Adharmic towards you. It is a basic secret. Your logic is with puss. It sees only from your side, never from the other side. If I judge whatever is done to me by the society is Adharmic, my logic becomes logic with puss. Fortunately I never judged. Society is not a group of people. Please understand. Society is the other person. It is not collective. Even a single person is society. Whom you hate, whom you think you can’t work with; whom you think is worst person you have seen in your life, is society for you. I tell you, if you have somebody as your enemy and feel this fellows patterns he cannot come out and he will suffer, he has to be given suffering, when you feel, understand now God is sending you the diagnosis - Exactly you have the same problem! He is giving you the possibility to diagnose you. Most fortunate human being is a human being who does not suspect himself, who does not doubt himself, who is able to put completely his faith wholly on himself. You putting your whole faith on you does not happen by you convincing you. But it happens only by you dropping your identity by you. Go around, whoever you think as your enemy, again and again sit with them and express your opinion what you carry towards them and let them express what they carry towards you. One more funny thing you will realize - Whom you think as the important enemy in your life may not be thinking you as an important enemy in his life. I have seen, love is always a triangular affair on the planet earth. Hatred is always quarter angle affair on the planet earth. Understand, if you are loving somebody and that person is loving somebody else, if you are hating somebody as a enemy and that person is hating somebody else, it is never a straight line. It is a law. One point is loving the other point means be very clear, the other point is loving the other point, not this point; the other point which is in love! See: A is in love with B. B will never be in love with A, it will be only in love with C. C may be in love with A! And same way hatred! A may be having the enmity towards B. B may be having the enmity only with C never with A. Even if B wants to have enmity with A, it will have in his heart only C as enemy. C may be having enmity with A. Please understand it’s a law. You will never have a complete enmity with your direct enemy who is supposed to be your enemy. So whoever you think as your enemy is not real enemy. It is a law. These are all ‘Saarva Bhoumya’, Universal laws! I am giving you one example. One thing you need to be very clear. Your logic has no capacity to find your enemy. So whoever you think is your enemy is not your enemy. When you sit with him, open up you will realize, that person is having somebody else as their main enemy. So when he goes and sits with the other person, he will realize he is having somebody else as his main enemy. Love or hatred is triangle in the planet earth. Neither love nor hatred is straight line. Only when you become nobody, you become center of millions of people’s love; and same way millions of people’s hatred. But you neither love them back nor hate them back. You are just a black hole sucking the whole thing, where they disappear! I tell you whether by love or by hate if you come near me, you are gone. When you disappear into me by love it is called Enlightenment. When you disappear into me due to hatred, it is called Pralaya. That’s all. But you dissolve into me. That is what Bhagavan shows when he was giving the Vishwaroopa Darshana. Vishwaroopa is beautifully described. There are many rishis, sadhus, sages, saints in the parts of Krishna’s Vishwaroopa and millions of demons, devils, Kauravas, Rakshashas being chewed by the Krishna’s mouth, disappearing into the fire, which is coming out of Krishna’s mouth. It means what? Both are disappearing into him! Ability to give up the identity, subduing the identity even in the worldly life, even if you say “Practically I have to see”! I am talking to you, understanding all the practicalities. Please understand, whoever is listening to me, to all of you I am telling you very clearly I know all the situations you would have gone through, going through and will go through. With that authority I am telling you. This truth which I am uttering is the truth for all of you at all times to be practiced; to be lived; not to be compromised at any time what you call as practical situations. “What Swamiji said is right. But in this situation, even if he was here, he wouldn’t have behaved like that. He wouldn’t have given-up his identity. I know”. Go to hell. No. I am telling you, in all possible situations, this is the truth. Ability to let go the identity makes you the hero whose identity can never be destroyed. I want those heroes around me. They are Jeevan Muktas. I tell you, your identity caused you only your life. Nothing else! If I am supporting your ego, identity, you are doomed. If I am not touching your ego and identity, you are in waiting list. If I am hitting at it straight, you are blessed. Unfortunately, for many people, many times I support! It is the identity with which your heart associates yourself. That should become sadhu; chilly less, anger less, violent less! Then you will become the center of creativity. You will express so much of leadership quality, ability to inspire. Ability to inspire is nothing but the ability to inspire yourself. Early morning, 6’o clock, if you are able to inspire yourself to get you out of your bed and go to Akhada and do yoga you will have the ability to inspire others. That’s all. The ability to inspire can never be a cunning technical game. No! If you are able to inspire yourself to come and sit for the satsang every day, and listen to these great truths and live these, you will be simply able to inspire your subordinates, your assistants and make them to do the job as you want and you will be able to lead them with the inspiration. Morning when you wake up, see your mood. Are you getting out of your bed and going to Akhada, because Swamiji will fire you? I tell you, all your subordinates are going to be working around you just because you will fire them, never inspired way! If you don’t know the right words to inspire you, you will not know the right words to inspire others. There are many, I don’t get their darshan at all in the morning. Understand, if you are able to inspire yourself to drop the identity, you will be able to inspire everyone to drop the identity! I tell you. In the love, you are hitting the wrong wall. In the hatred, you are hitting the wrong wall. In the love, you are in love with some body and you constantly go towards that person. And suddenly you will realize that person is going towards somebody else. Then you will be disillusioned and all your love will be lost. Same way only I tell you. In the hatred also, you are travelling towards somebody and that somebody will be travelling towards somebody else and suddenly you will be disillusioned and you will say, “Oh God, I wasted my whole life on the hatred with this fellow”! For example: A hates B. B might have done one or two activities, against the A. But in B’s heart, A is not the enemy. In his heart, enemy is somebody else. C is the enemy. This is the way the whole world goes on. When you love the person and that same person loves you back to the same amount, what happens is enlightenment through Tantra, Union. When you hate somebody and the same person hates you in the same level, what happens is Pralaya. But unfortunately, both does not happen in the planet earth at all. Very rare! If I have to give one example, two persons loving each other to the same amount, falling in love with both equally – I can give the example of Shiva and Parvathi, Radha and Krishna, Sharada and Ramakrishna. Rarely, that’s all! Not even handful! I don’t even have one example of two persons hating each other. At least for love I gave 2 ~ 3 example. For the hatred, I don’t even have one example. Because Sumba-Nisumbas, they were in love with Parvathi, but Parvathi had enmity towards Sumba-Nisumbas. In turn, Tarakasura had enmity with Parvathi; Parvathi did not have enmity with Tarakasura. I tell you, whoever you think as your worst enemy, are not your enemies. Who thinks you as the worst enemy, will never be felt by you as the worst enemy. Because, that enemy or the friend, is based on your perception which itself is unstable. You are constantly building multi-storey towers on the earth which is going through earthquakes. It is a technical term - Tectonic plates. You are building skyscrapers on tectonic plates. Your hatred, your love, your friend, your enemy are all skyscrapers. But you are installing it on tectonic plates. Bhagavan is very clear, subdue your identity! It’s time. But I have not completed this verse. I will continue. I only spoke on one word. Please understand I only spoke on one word - Yogee yunjeeta satatam. That’s all! Because this one understanding is the biggest problem! Your whole life is wasted on just protecting the identity which is going to ditch you at the end of the day, end of the life. When you are about to leave the body, you will see so much of puss, bio-memories all around you and you will ask your identity “What is this? I trusted you and acted my whole life guided by you and did whatever you wanted. Now you are showing, this is what is my bio-memory”! He will just raise his hand and put his hands up and say “I don’t know”! “Hey, what you mean by you don’t know? Answer me”. When you catch his collar, you will understand, only cloth is there. The person has disappeared already. He is a ghost. He might be feasting with your enemy and saying “See, secretly I have done the job, you wanted to do”! People who realize the conspiracies done against them by their identity are Jeevan Muktas. But you go around and dig out and find out even if it is not there, you imagine that so many fellows are doing conspiracy against you, but you never suspect the conspiracies getting done by your own identity against you! Blessed are those, who understand the conspiracies done against them by their identity. Cursed are those, who never doubt the conspiracies done to them, done against them by their own identity. If you are able to beg food and your needs from the people you grow as a sadhu, if you are able to drop your identity and beg forgiveness from other identities, you become Jeevan Mukta. If you are able to beg others to drop their identity, you become incarnation! Understand, I am not asking you guys to go around and beg for food. That will be easy for you guys to do. That will not have much impact. But if you can go around and beg for the forgiveness what other identities think as the hurt by you, please understand what you think as the hurt you caused to others, is not the real hurt what they think. Because many times what you think as hurt you caused may not be hurt for them. What they think as the hurt is the real hurt you caused to them. Same way, what you think as the hurt others have caused you, they may not even have caused it consciously. Understand, what you think as the hurt others have caused you, they may not even caused consciously. So know how to forgive them. Same way what others think as the hurt caused by you, you may not even be aware. So ask them to forgive you. This is the science of forgiving. Science of gracefully moving ahead! I tell you, in the life, anybody who thrives will be with renunciation. Person who thrives naturally comes with new, new situation, life style, thinking trend, atmosphere, furniture, everything. Person with renunciation thrives. Person who is thriving will always be ended with renunciation. The moment money comes your whole mental set-up is new. If your mental set-up is not becoming new, the money which came will not stand with you. So thriving happens on renunciation. Renunciation is the ground on which the thriving seed thrives. Thriving thrives on you, only when you are made out of renunciation. The ability to renounce the identity constantly is thriving! Person who thrives with the ability to renounce identity, identities is Jeevan Mukta! I am giving one more definition of enlightenment. Being who is capable of thriving continuously by renouncing the old identities is Living Enlightenment! Do not wait for the wounds in you to be healed by others. Do not wait for the wounds in others to be healed in course of time. Do not wait for others to come and heal the pain you are carrying inside you. Do not wait for the other person’s wounds to be healed in course of time. Means, you be proactive healing the wound and pain in others heart; same way you be proactive in healing the wounds and pains inside you by dropping it! Your enemy is not your enemy; your friend is not your friend. Whom you are hating for ages and years, might be doing good to you. Whom you are loving and having friendship by ages, may be in love with somebody else! I will continue on this same verse again in tomorrow’s satsang. Today I give this as a teaching to all the disciples, visitors, viewers this as Vak, to all the disciples, sanyasis, sadhus and ashramites. So all the ashramites, sanyasis, sadhus before you come tomorrow to the morning satsang, take at least ten effort to heal whom you think as your top ten enemies and discover the truth your top ten are having somebody else as their top ten. Your top number 1 may not be having you as the number 1 in his hit list. He may be having you only as number 8 or 9 in his hit list. And who is in his hit list as number 1, may not even appear in your hit list. Identity is the confused reality! When the love and hatred falls into the confusion of triangle, what you call that whole ass is identity. When I said ass I meant two “s”! When I said whole, remove the “W”. That is what we call identity as “Hole”! I want you to understand without “s” and “w” is identity! Now nobody will forget. Q&A: Q: Dear Swamiji, is there such a thing as objective reality? Or is the world nothing but a reflection of my perceptions? Can you also give me some science to distinguish between reality and fantasy? A: First thing you need to know whatever you understand as reality; the dimensions like a size, shape, quality, your association of good and bad with it; all that, even one quality does not exist in objective reality. Please understand if you think this is wall, this is not wall. Whatever you understand, why this wall, what the wall does, how it looks, what it is, who built, is it good for me, bad for me, all concepts you have about the wall is not there actually on the wall. So in a way I can say there is no such thing as objective reality and there is something called objective reality. There is no such thing as objective reality is also true. There is objective reality is also true. Understand. I tell you there is no such thing as objective reality because anything you see, you perceive does not exist as you perceive. And I tell you there is objective reality, why you know because you may be liberated from this wall; but the other person who is not liberated will continue to see this wall as objective reality. Because of that, I tell object reality exists. But I tell you, for you objective reality does not exist. So the right truth: Objective reality does not exist for you, but the objective reality exists for the objects you see in objective reality. But as the objective reality does not exist for you itself, how can the objects you see in the objective reality’s objective reality can be objective reality for you? As the objective reality perceived by you itself is not reality, how can the objective reality perceived by the objects which you perceive in the objective reality can be objective reality for you? Listen to the statement again: As the objective reality which you perceive, itself is not an objective reality for you then how can the objects you perceive in the objective reality can have the objective reality, which you perceive as the objective reality, which is not a objective reality? So, what you know as reality is nothing but the perversion of your fantasy. What you know as fantasy is nothing but the perversion of your reality. When you go beyond what you know as reality and fantasy, you see En-reality, which is end-reality! In Enlightened reality, there is no space for fantasy, reality, reality based fantasy; fantasy based reality! Fantasy based reality is Deities. Reality based fantasy is theme parks. Reality based reality is Enlightened reality. Fantasy based fantasy is your dreams. The reality based reality awakens in you, when you understand neither reality based fantasies and fantasy based realities and reality-reality does not lead you to reality. The reality-reality, fantasy-fantasy, fantasy-reality, reality-fantasy is all finally your reality-fantasy leading you from fantasy-reality to reality-fantasy. Finally only when you drop everything, the reality-reality expresses itself beyond reality! Let you all achieve, experience, live and express, radiate, share and explode in Eternal Bliss, Nithyananda! Thank you.

The Avatar Speaks on The Benefits of Agriculture-Based Lifestyle


nithyānandeśvara sadāśiva samārambhām nithyānandeśvari ādiśakti madhyamām | asmat āchārya paryantām vande guru paramparām || I welcome all the Sri Mahants, Mahants, Kotaris, Thanedars, Sarvajna peeta yajamans, Nithya Satsangis, devotees, disciples, visitors, viewers, YouTube subscribers sitting with us through Nithyananda TV, Facebook live, YouTube live, Twitter live and 2 way video conferencing having nayana deeksha, I welcome all of you with my love and respects.


I’ll continue on adheenam chalo series, nitty gritties of shakti pada. Today the important fundamental basic understanding... I wanted to bring in all of you. Please listen, seeing the life... larger than the perception. Listen very carefully, seeing the life larger than the perception. Perceived means - whatever you perceive through your eyes, ears, nose, tongue, touch and processing all the informations received through these senses. This whole thing put together is called perception. Seeing the life beyond perception.... understand I am not declaring perception is delusion, No!! I am not declaring perceptions is reality, No!! I am not even declaring perception is confusion, No!!

Man who says perception is the only reality is atheist. The person who says perception is not reality - mayaavaadi. Person who says perception is real - materialistic. Person who says perception is confusion - pagutharivu.


Understand, I am not saying, perception is real or only real or not real or confusion. I am not saying anything, I am only asking you, let’s look beyond perception. And not only based on shastra pramana.... understand shastra pramana means Existence declaring the secret of its existence to every Being is Shastra. Existence declaring its secrets to everyone is Shastra. Not just from the Shastra pramana, from the Apta pramana; Apta means the great Beings who lived the Shastra, who realised the authority of the Shastra in their life. Shastra pramana, Apta pramana then My own Atma pramana, based on all these I tell you, life is larger than the perception. Perceived is not complete. Perceived alone cannot bring completion. What brings completion, takes you beyond perception. Understand, anybody who understands life is more than perception, experiences liberation from all the complications and complexities and confusions created by perception.


Listen, carefully, if you have watched horror movie, back to back three four movies, within a week, even window curtain moving in the night time or cat or rat running around in your kitchen or some bird flying, fluttering in the air in your backyard, everything will come with horror background music. Understand, if you are loaded with certain chemicals or hormones, the perception changes based on that. If your body is clean, detoxified then... you see, you are a screen not the screened scenes. Screen cannot scream, by the screened scenes. Understand, screen on which scenes are screened, cannot scream about the screened scenes. All your responses, all your responses about life, is screen screaming seeing the scenes screened. “Oh God! Things can’t get worse than this” Screen on which scenes are streamed cannot scream by the screened scenes.


Understand, reactions are irresponsible actions without realising the astitva of you. Understand, reactions are irresponsible actions without realising your astitva. Perception is incomplete expression of the experience. More you start seeing beyond perception, more of the Existential physics is understood by you. Understand, the physics of perceived is – ‘energy cannot be created or destroyed’. Physics of the Physics is – ‘energy can be created, manifested, transformed, interchanged, maintained, destroyed, withdrawn.’

Listen, the Physics of the Physics... not only I am proposing this theory as a hypothesis, I will establish it with enough of experiments, evidences, proofs, tons!!

Energy can be manifested, created, generated. Creation is different, generation is different. For generation, you need some raw material, for creation you don’t need. Shristi - Icchaa maathra Sristi, without even having sankalpa or iccha as the source material, manifestation, with or without or no reason; it can be generated, created, manifested, in any quantity and quality. Maintained, sustained, interchanged, transformed, transferred, played with, hidden, stored, covered, withdrawn, destroyed, can be made to disappear without even the trace that it existed. All this and something more, I’ll use the word - “Vilayaatified”. I will have this word as a symbol of this whole theory, just to prove this whole thing is casually beyond your perception. I will establish My “Vilayaatified theory of physics, with tons of evidences, with tons of evidences.


Understand, rational scientific community is realising, perception is not complete. Even though they are just few hundred old, few hundred years old thought current, they are realizing, perception is not complete. I tell you, just like Nayyayika, purvamimamsa, uttara mimamsa, sankhya, patanjala, various thought currents; the whole so called modern day science is one thought current, with enough of loopholes. When the perception is not complete, how can the thought currents developed on the perception, can be complete? Every time you step back and see beyond the perception, you manifest a power. Understand, every time you step back, and remember you are the screen, screaming stops. Screen when it does not scream, the realisation it develops is the cream of life. Screen when it does not scream, it is cream (kreem). It’s a life’s cream (kreem). And incidentally, the kreem is the most powerful beeja of Kāli, the ferociousness and fearlessness. Screen when it does not scream, the realisation it develops, is the cream (kreem) of life.


Understand, perception, perception.... looking beyond perception... every time you look beyond perception, you become complete. Completion is nothing but looking beyond perception. Actually, all the scenes you perceived in you, Chitta, Buddhi, Mana, Ahankaara - see these are the screens on which you perceive. Chitta is one of the internal organ. Mana, Buddhi, Ahankaara. With two eyes, when the life energy rolls in the two eyes, you perceive... all the happenings inside your Chitta, Buddhi, Mana, Ahankaara. Today for all the inner awakening participants, you will be initiated and given 5 alchemy products. Cloth, banyan leaf, and the stone - granite slab, yantra, mirror - all that is actually a symbolic representation of Mana, Chittha, Buddhi, Ahankaara. Here, in you, with your life energy you perceive, that is incompletion. Jnananjana which is My life energy, with that if you perceive that is completion; that’s all. When you apply the jnananjana, My life energy, look at your whole life into that. You are seeing beyond the perception, whole thing becomes complete. When a completion happens, patterns has to manifest as powers. Chittha, Buddhi, Mana, Ahankaara.

Ahankaara is the mirror, pure mirroring. Chitta is the cloth, woven with all the past experiences, Buddhi is a riped leaf, Mana is the stone.

When you apply the jnananjana, you start perceiving beyond the perception. You start perceiving beyond perception.


I tell you, whole life is nothing but perceiving beyond perception. Whoever perceives beyond perception becomes powerful, alive, enlightened, liberated, pure consciousness manifesting powers. It is all about perceiving beyond perceptions. Reducing you to the perceptions, making you believe that life is negative, you don’t need much effort. I have seen few people who left the aadheenam, poisoned everyone else and these fools are also getting poisoned, who is responsible? If somebody is leaving means, they are failures basically. If you are swallowing their ideas, you are going to die in the same pit. You are going to dump yourself in the same ditch.

Whose ideas you cherish, you reach there. Do you want to reach here or there? Where you want to reach, cherish their ideas. That’s all. Whom you cherish unconsciously, you reach there. What is devotion - voting with your depth – de-vote. When your depth votes for something, that is devotion. Be careful, to whom you vote. I am not talking about these elections, outer world, No. I am talking about the inner world, to whom you vote, you cherish that, you perceive that. To whom you vote matters, because you are going to reach that person’s space. I have seen some of these fellows, with a life positive attitude, they are not that creative. But when they hate something, they are so creative in hating. ☺ No really!! If they just hate one small item, they don’t like that one small item, they know how to twist and hate the whole. Understand, if you love or like one small thing and develop a cognition to love everything, you are a God, deva. If you hate one small thing, and you develop the cognition to hate everything, you are a demon, moron.


Perception... is not complete even for your day to day living. How can it be complete for life and death living? Start looking beyond perception... without limiting yourself. Laws of Physics does not have ruling power over the Universe. Listen... law is different, law being empowered with a ruling power is different. Laws of the Physics, may look like ruling in your perceived physical happenings, but they do not have ruling power over the Universe. Learn to perceive, beyond perception, you will learn the laws of the Universe.

See many of the understandings, you carry about life. Few days before somebody was asking, why should we physically work, if this whole perception is not complete? I tell you, a farmer, agriculturalist who is on the ground, working in the mud, preparing the soil, his brain is 100 times more capable of understanding most subtlest truths of life, most subtlest truth of life, than a man who is whole day in the semi conscious, intellectual, corporate coffee chair. Why I call corporate coffee chair, you know? Unless the coffee is fuelled, life will not happen when you are in that chair, whole day. Like enema tube, we can put another one tube. Input, output. Just like Goshala, if you work physically on the sand, prepare the soil, grow things, most subtle parts of your brain awakens. I think, every day every adheenavasi, should have at least 1 or 2 hours.... surely more than 1 or 2 hours, you loiter around, in confusion, what to do? That 1 or 2 hours, spend either in Goshala or doing gardening, agriculture. While you do that, keep your inner space in Oneness. Understand, let your inner space be with Shiva, body do the agriculture. “Saivaththai Velaanmai Sei”

Let your inner space be Shiva, body be doing the agriculture. At least 1 or 2 hours, we have enough time - loitering around, stupidifying around, fooling around, cribbing around, swallowing all the stupid poisons around and vomiting poisons on others. We have lot of time, really I am telling you. In your own backyard, wherever you are, spend at least an hour physically working. It will bring so much healing in your Being.

“Unarvil saivamum, udalaal velaanmaiyum”, “Saiva velaanmaithvam”

No, I tell you, it’s really one of the very powerful spiritual practice.

Start looking beyond perception. Drill your whole system; in your action, reaction, response, responsibility, start looking beyond perception. You will achieve so much of completion.


See morning one small incident, one of the balasants father is lifting the balasant and dancing. Actually it is so cute, how can I say don’t touch you own son. But if he understands the perception... beyond perception.... you see, if you see ordinarily perception, “Hey my son, how can You say I should not touch him?” No, it’s not that you can’t touch him. Take him, play with him and I always entertain and I always encourage parents and kid to have a very sweet, touching relationship, where the father and mother should have their children in the lap and feeding and... that’s our Hindu tradition. We don’t put the children in another bedroom to sleep. Till I left the house, seventeen and half, I was sleeping in the same bed, in my mother’s bed only.... seventeen and half, till I left the house. That is our culture that is our lifestyle. Here, in the hall only if you understand, beyond the perception, you will understand. We will not know who is the father or relative and the other persons also they will not know, he is the father. When he can lift and play with the balasant, I can also lift one. So the security of the kids, that’s the reason I said in public place where people who do not know, let’s have a common decorum, understanding.

Even for ordinary life, just perception is not enough, you need to go little more than perception. For spiritual life, life is beyond perception. When you start looking beyond perception completion starts happening.


Today samskara dahana kriya, for all the Inner Awakening participants, it’s all about looking beyond perception; not changing the perception... that is positive thinking I am not interested in that, all dubakkoor, dubukku positive thinking. This creative visualisation, positive thinking, all those logic is enooooough. They have enough loopholes. I am not even against rationalism or atheism; I am against painting the anti-Hinduism as rationalism and atheism.

Arey Yagnopaveeta is our religion issue, why are you interfering. It is our religion issue. If the atheist from Hinduism are questioning, ok, we can have a dialogue, discussion, debate. We will even shout at each other, that is internal. It’s our internal thing. I am not asking you to come and wear yagnopaveetam, or I am not saying I will put yagnopaveetam on you, No! I am only giving yagnopaveetam who ever comes to me. Whoever comes to Me, I am giving them, that’s all. Finally I saw, I found out one important dirty secret. It is anti-Hindus, the other religious guys who use the garb of atheism and rationalism. They use that shield of atheism and rationalism, attack only Hinduism.

The logic, which gets strengthened when you start perceiving beyond perception, is called intelligence - Maneesha. Maneesha means knowledge that flowers, blossoms, when you see beyond perception.

I also wanted to put this on record, I wanted to thank a large number of Hindus and Hindu organisations expressing their support and solidarity with Me on this yagnopaveetam issue.


With this I bless you all. Let’s all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, living Shuddadvaita Saivam, Sadashivoham, the eternal bliss Nithyananda. Thank you. Be Blissful!!