January 06 2008

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Meditation Technique to Balance Your Vata, Pitta & Kapha


In this video (26 January 2006), Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains a meditation technique to balance the Vata, Pitta & Kapha in one's body using visualizations and sounds.


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Today we are going to do second technique to balance the vata, pitta and kapha. Today we are going to work on verbalization - sound and visualization - light. We are going to add visualization into your meditation technique; very simple change.

First step, same vajrasana, your hands on the hip, and chant the hoonkara from the navel, from the swadishtana. It should come as deeply as possible and as loudly as possible. See, it will literally cleanse the whole pitta, whole pitta energy. Chant the hoonkara.

Then second step, bend the body and let your forehead touch the ground. Chant the hoonkara same way with visualization of white light flowing from your swadishtana. See, when you add visualization, you don’t know how much work you are adding to your inner space. It’s actually, its work-out for your mind. Just like physical exercise, it’s a mental exercise for your mind, so that it will be fresh and alive to go through all the meditation techniques.

First step, sitting in vajrasana, have your hands on the hip and chant the hoonkara from the navel. Second step, bend your body, let your forehead touch the ground and chant the same hoonkara – H-O-O hoonkara sound, but add visualization. Add one more thing, visualize as if a white light is flowing from your swadishtana towards the whole body or just towards your head. Visualize light and add sound.


Please close your eyes. Sit in vajrasana. Have your hands on your hip. Chant the hoonkara as intensely as possible.


Bend your body… touch the ground with your forehead. Be in the vajrasana. Touch the ground with your forehead. Chant the hoonkara mantra and visualize the white light.



Drop the Guilt!


Name Of The Convention : Nithyananda Spurana
Title : Drop the Guilt!
Date : 06 January 2008
Venue : Adi Kailasa, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

In this video, the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism HDH #Nithyananda​ Paramashivam speaks on guilt. His Divine Holiness also explores the concept of morality, and we understand what it means to carry guilt, and how it can affect you on many different levels. Swamiji also guides us through a short but powerful meditation technique, which focuses on creating a quiet inner space.

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I will enter into the session. We are still working on third layer - still we do not have the meditations. We have done only one process. Few more insights into guilt. Understand. A person who is carrying guilt can never be moral. Please understand. You always have a wrong idea - person who carries guilt only will be only very moral. No. Person who carries guilt - guilt is like a strong samskara. He will be doing the same mistake again and again. Not only that, he can not be integrated - only an integrated person morality is morality. (01:05) Person who is carrying so much guilt - his morality will be, even if he has little - only skinny. As long as he sees the police he will be moral. If he knows that police is - out of police eyes, he will do whatever he wants. I have seen in USA - the moment they see there is no cop - patrol - in the highways roadI, they will press the accelerator. Is actually a kind of a temptation - do something when you are not going to be caught.


Person who does not have guilt, he will be integrated, he will have an authentic morality. Understand. It is good and it is needed to know the country's constitution. You have to respect the countries constitution, as long you are inside of that country, inside that boundary. The moment you land in this country, from that moment you are bound by the constitution of this country - any country you like.


The constitution of the country is important to live the life. But if you understand the Cosmic constitution - as I was telling yesterday, you will be able to live in any country, anywhere without feeling suffocated, without feeling disturbed - you will have unique your own morality. See, all morality is based on non-violence, non-interference. These are the basic things. You will be authentically moral only when you are integrated, when you are centered, when you are fulfilled.


I have seen how people suffer physically, mentally and morally with guilt. Actually, the deep guilt will take away the respect which you have for yourself. And the moment you don't have respect for you, you will start with, "Ahhh, I am this kind of person only. Let me do whatever I want - what is there?" It gives you like a, kind of like a licence. Whenever I speak about this morality or guilt, people think, "No, no, Swamij only with guilt we will be moral."


No, you will never be. Authentic morality will happen only when you are out of guilt. How people came out of addiction when the guilt is taken out. There is a very beautiful story, somebody goes to Ramakrishna and asks, "Master, I am not able to give up the smoking and drinking." Ramakrishna says, "From today, I protect you. Don't have guilt, drink as much as you want, smoke as much as you want."


No, it is very funny. And Ramakrishna says, "Do only one thing: before drinking or smoking offer the drink to Kali - offer your body to Kali and drink." Very funny incident, after one week that guy comes back and says, "Master, I am not able to smoke or drink anymore. Ramakrishna asks,"What happened? He says, "The moment I offered my body to Kali, I don't feel like putting alcohol into this body. Now this become a puja vigraha and I feel uncomfortable. I feel suffocated if I smoke, so naturally it dropped." Ramakrishna says very beautifully, "It's not because of your bhakti or anything. Whenever you drop guilt, that habit it loses power over you. The habit holds power over you as long as you carry guilt. See, we take class - meditation programs in many prisons - in Madurai, in Salem, in USA also. Many prisons will take classes - meditation programs. This ASP and NSP - both programs we give.


I have seen after relieving this guilt, those beings, those prisoners-inmates, they become so integrated - they start planning to live an authentic moral life. I have seen at least one hundred people - when they come out they live an authentic moral life. You see, problem is prisons have become almost like a crime training centers. This fellow goes inside prison doing small mistake but there he sees a big criminals and he gets confidence, courage and business technique.


You see, what else the poor guys will talk from morning to night. They don't go - they are not going to sit and talk, "How to meditate and become Enlightened?" Naturally, they will talk only what they know. So, they will talk only, "Why did you do and what did you do?" And it becomes a prestige. See, in a spiritual community the person who meditates more, or knows more meditation technique - he becomes hero. In an among the community of thieves who will become hero? A big thief become hero. And these guys learn all techniques and they get courage also.


I have spent My time and taking classes with thousands of prisoners. When the guilt is removed they become authentic human beings. Not only that, the power of that activity - the samskara over your being is completely taken away. If you are, if you want to continue smoking, have a deep guilt about smoking - you will never be able to miss, you will never forget. If you remove the guilt about smoking suddenly you will see, it's a simple decision whether to have it or dropped.


Guilt creates a deep engram in you, which leads to more and more immorality, addiction, difficulties and problems. According to Me guilt is the worst poison. If you want to spoil somebody, if you want to punish your enemy just see that he gets into some guilt - that's all; he is done. It's like a fighting with himself, fighting with himself. So, understand these few insights.


Now, whatever you 'relived' yesterday try to pen down, try to pen down. Use the same papers, same booklet in which you wrote your desires. Pen down the guilt, because we are going to analyze how this guilt and desire is connected. You will see so many insides will be revealed to you. When you understand how this two are connected.




...into the meditation technique. Understand. Guilt is like a knot, energy knot. If there is a blood clot you will not have a free blood flow. Same way, if there is a guilt you will not have a free energy flow. Guilt is a very powerful energy clot - energy knot. Now the meditation technique we are going to do will straight away shake your mental layer. Mental layer is the space where you store guilt. See, I was telling you if you just accept you completely as you are, suddenly you will see you don't need to think at all. All your thinking is not accepting you as you are.


Just try now, accept you completely as you are in outer world and inner world. No guilt, nothing needs to be done. Suddenly you don't need mind. There is no job for the mind. Mind exists only because of the tension - guilt. That is the source of mind. Now, we will try to drop the mind, will try to shake the inner chattering. Naturally, you will see all the guilt will drop.


There is a beautifully example in Gita: ‘suddha jnanaika’. Krishna says, "I am the tread connecting all the beads." Inner chating is the tread connecting all your guilt. Let's cut the thread then naturally all the treads will fall apart - they will all disappear. It's a very powerful meditation technique. Forty-two minutes intensely hum - humming for two cycle will completely shake your inner chattering. Only thing, do not stop in between. Not like,”Mmm...mmm...mmm...mmm."


See that the humming becomes so intense there should not be any words moving inside you. There should not be any inner chatting, there should not be any words inside you. Try, within 10 minutes you will fall in tune. Only first 10 minutes you will have thoughts and humming, thoughts and humming, thoughts and humming. In 10 minutes you will see you fall into. Next 30 minutes - completely your inner chattering will have healing or a cleaning process.


Please sit straight. Tie the ribbon, I will guide you. If you are heart patient or patient with blood pressure, please don't do. Do it very mildly - a simple humming. Others, do intensely. Participant: In vajrasana? HDH: Yes, vajrasana. Vajrasana for whole 40 minutes. If you really can’t, then sit in ordinary way. If you can try Vajrasana - it will really help you to awaken the Kundalini Shakti or the energy. Please close your eyes. Sit straight.





Understanding Pain in the Etheric Layer Part 1 || NSC


Title : Understanding Pain in the Etheric Layer Part 1
Name of Convention - Nithyananda Spurana
Session on - Etheric Body Layer
Venue - Adi Kailasa, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Date - 06 January 2008

This video is an excerpt from the Nithyananda Spurana conducted on 06 January 2008 in Adi Kailasa, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. Here Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism Jagatguru Mahasannidhanam HDH Bhagavan #Nithyananda​ #Paramashivam​ explains the technique and understanding of releasing the pain engrams and Samskaras which gets strengthened and stuck in 4th layer also known as the Subtle body or the Etheric body layer.


Video Audio



"If one has lost a major organ, can the balance of energy be rebuilt?" That loss of organ has nothing to do with energy - so don't bother. And I wanted to answer one more problem here. People ask Me about donating organs after death - will it anyway affect our rebirth or our journey - spiritual journey? No way it will affect. In three kshana you leave the body. After that whatever happens to body, you are no way connected to it. This shraddha - all this last rights which we do also - not for that soul; for us. It's actually to heal our emotion and to cleanse ourself - disconnect ourself emotionally. It's not for that soul - for our soul.


Somebody is saying, “Thanks brother, the silent is more pleasing than talking to people. Silence makes me feel energetic.” That's the reason I am telling you. Actually it takes two-three days for people even to enjoy silence. We have become so insensitive in the society. We have lost the ability to enjoy the silence - ability to feel connected to silence. You feel in silence you don't exist - you are losing your boundary - big problem. That's why constantly either you nag yourself or you nag others. Nobel price in nagging. Anyhow, in two-three days you will start enjoying the silence.


No, I won't be reading the whole thing and answering. I am just - actually, immediately I don't enter - if you observe from first day you will understand - immediately I will not enter into subject. I will just wait for ten minutes so that your mind will settle down - then I will start the subject. It's a just a method to settle your mind. Just now you are here and there and you would grumbled out something and talking these, that, and your cell phone, and all that - is settling down. It takes some ten minutes. The presence of the Master is very powerful - it will just bring your TPS down - thoughts-per-second down. I am just letting the presence work.


Once your TPS is down then I start talking what I want to talk. The next session is going to be about the subtle body - the etheric layer - fourth layer. It means heightened awareness and intensity. Maybe you can just stand up and stretch your body before we enter into the - especially after food. Up! Fully up! Fully stretch your hand, not half! Fully up! Up! Up! Up! Down. Fully! Down fully. All the people are not bending. Bend down, then up! Up! Up fully! Up! Down. What about these volunteers? They are not doing. And up! After food usually be completely digested. Up, up! Before I say people stand up. Up fully! Just two jump - three more.


Today is a very - it is going to be a very intense day, especially after this. Whole night I will be sitting with you. We will be going through deeper layers. Actually, till now whatever you did, 80% of work is yours and 20 is only My presence. From this layer you can not penetrate - your logic or your awareness has lost its control. From this layer 80% of work is Mine, only 20 is yours, because emotion is not under your control. Only till your inner chattering things are under your control - after this third layer things are not under your control.


It's more subtle energy. So, if I start jumping now session won't end. Just to - now I think now everybody is fresh. Hope they won't sleep for at least for the next half an hour. One important thing you need to know about this layer. Oh, where is this layer? Oh, that side. I don't know where - which shifts where?


Alright, important problem about this layer, you see. In the physical body, samskaras - only if you again and again live them, again and again do the same thing - those samskaras will get strengthened. In the pranic layer and mental layer if you remember those samskara - desires again and again or hit again and again - they will get strengthened. In subtle layer, neither you need to experience, nor you need to remember. Just by the very presence these engrams will expand. That is a very - how to say - bad news. In this layer all painfull samskaras are stored. Please understand. You have three layer pain. Physical pain which you experience during - physical pain all of you know. Second, mental pain - if you are not respected, treated as you think you should be - all the guilt will come under mental pain only. Third, emotional pain - if you trust somebody and that person exploited you, cheated you - the relationship issues; all those things are emotional pain.


Please understand. Most of your mental pain would have been guilt but apart from the mental pain there is two more layer of pains you carry: physical and emotional. All pain engrams are stored in etheric body - stored in the fourth layer; subtle body. One important thing again I want to remind: in this layer the samskaras will expand by itself. You neither need to go through the experience nor need to remember them. See, for example, physical body. What are the engrams? Chronic fatigue - the more you sleep the engram will get more strengthened. If you break that pattern of sleeping, the engram will lose its power.


Second thing: pranic and mental, desire and guilt. Only if you remember them again and again, that engram will get strengthened. If you don't remember at all a particular desire for two years, it would have completely lost its power over you. So only if you remember they will have power. But with the pain - the etheric body - neither you need to remember nor you need to go through the experience to expand the number of engrams - the strength of the engrams over you. That's a - let Me give you a simple explanation - maybe that can give you some understanding about these pain engrams.


A very beautiful movie - hollywood movie. Just a year ago they released, “What the bleep do we know?” Any of you saw that movie? Oh, very wonderful movie and there is a one more movie - the same producers released, “Down the rabbit hole.” It's really - any of you saw the movie, “The Myth?" - “The Myth." I am appearing five minutes in that movie. That's why I am explaining about levitation. That is a - the about traditional levitation. There are two versions presented there in that movie. It's Jackie Chan's movie. So, they requested me to explain levitation. I am giving a very logical, scientific explanation and moreover levitation itself is not something like a great spiritual thing - it's only one power. In West all these things are too big thing. In India if you go every village, somebody will be there to levitate.


No, really! In India go to every village, there will be somebody who will heal cancers and diseases just with one hand full of neem leaves. So, whatever - maybe tomorrow I will tell My experiences with my wandering. Tomorrow, one session I will speak of that. It's a beautiful concept what the - see in the - what I am expressing now, it's the diagrams from that, “What the bleep do we know?” From that movie but the concept itself from Patanjali. From Patanjali I took the concept but the big problem with - they don't acknowledge from where they stole the concept. I am acknowledging their movie. Just because I got the visualization from them, but these guys don't acknowledge the source of the knowledge.


Stealing the knowledge is very popular in the West. They don't have gratitude for the source. They don't have gratitude for the people who spend their time. Now the very - now one movie has become very popular - any of you know that movie? Whole thing, whole thing is straight away stolen from one of My discourse - straight. No, actually the person who is appearing in that movie is our devotee. One guy, he is our devotee, and of course, I said, "I don't want to acknowledging them. You don't have to acknowledge Me but acknowledge the Vedic tradition." It's not Mine - whatever I am talking is also not Mine. It's from Krishna, Budha, Mahadeva - acknowledge the Vedic tradition. Somehow, we Hindus or Indians have no - we don’t - we did not bother about our knowledge and we did not feel pride about it. See, the Japanese Zen martial arts is a big industry in the USA. 72% of the wealth created by the Zen martial arts goes back to Japan, to enrich Japan. Chinese medicine - 90% of the wealth created by Chinese medicine and Chinese kung fu and all these arts - the wealth goes back to China.


But yoga and meditation only 2% of the wealth comes back to India because we never felt pride about our knowledge. We never owned it, we never owned it. The British has abused us so much. These idiots have - they have to abuse us and completely demoralise to rule us. They can't handle our culture, our richness by letting us having pride about it, so they have to make us coolies. That is why for the last five years people are inviting Me to London. I said, "I will not step - put My step in London." The fellows have done too much damage. They have done too much damage to our tradition. See, they have stolen our wealth - all those things I don't mind. Because we are - we are not going to excel with the wealth. We are not going to excel with the - with the richness, that is foolishness. All these western countries have so much wealth, what is there?


They are better dam, better bridge, beautiful road but people are depressed - what to do? 66% of the Americans are taking some form or other psychiatric medicines. What will you do? Means two among three are mad! No, I am stating the fact. Understand. So, we are not going to excel with the - the outer richness. So, when I hear that Ghazni Muhammad took 17 ships of gold from Somnath temple I don't bother - it's ok, let him have it. What is there? But when I hear this British fellows destroyed our Gurukul system or our knowledge sources. Something like a - in 1902 200,000 - 2-lakh Gurukuls; means the Vedic knowledge universities were there in south zone - which they call Madrasi State. In this days they call Madrasi State - 200,000 - means 2-lakh Vedic universities were there. Now they have 3,000. It's just because of these...


And westernised Indians - colonised Indians. You see, we did not have pride. See, understand. Only in USA yoga - meditation industry is 6 billion dollar industry, 6 billion dollar industry- not milion, billion! 6 billion dollar industry. Hardly 2% comes back to India. Six billion is I don't know how many thousand crores.


Secular - secularism means collecting the great truths from all religions and living - not rejection all dharma. Wrong understanding. Collect beautiful things from Christianity, collect beautiful things from the Islam, collect beautiful things from the Sikh religion, collect beautiful things from Hinduism and live together. That is the real secularism. But what have we done? Reject everything and then what will remain? Our idiotic, arrogant, pus oozing ego. That is what they are living. This pus oozing and all new words. Anyhow, we have so much to contribute to the humanity. That is why.. Participant: We never believed patenting


HDH: See, not patenting is one problem - not even creating a authentic center to learn is another one problem. You understand - not even bothered about creating a authentic learning center. Learning center is another one big problem and not even bothered about it.


Anyhow let Me explain this pain body. How the samskaras multiply. See, one important thing you need to understand. Your cells, every cell has intelligence. Understand. Not just life - intelligence. It responds. If you live with joyful thoughts just for 15 days - I can challenge 15 days your passport photograph will change. The quality of your face will change. Best technique to make yourself beautiful and graceful. Just 15 days decide, "I will not bother about anything and I will continuously smile for everything happening in my life. I will smile at my life at whatever happens outside." Take photograph before and 15 days after, passport size photograph. It will change because your every cell has intelligence. Understand.


It updates, it clears, rejuvenates, replaces itself. Constantly your body is changing. Once in 47 days your intestine completely replaces itself. Once in 7 months your heart completely replaces itself. Once in 3 months your liver completely replaces itself. Any - any doctors? Doctors can attest whatever - am I right? Participant: Yes, Sir. HDH: The statistics - these are all scientific data. Once in one year your brain cells completely replaces itself. So, you don't have a brain which you had one year ago. If you never had - if you did not have that time also - no problem. You didn't have one year ago also - no problem. So, once in 365 days all your brain cell replaces itself, means you are embodiment of intelligence.


Understand. You are a great mechanism running with intelligence. So every cell stores some samskaras, memories and responds to the happenings of the outer world based on the samskara it carries. Usually if you are showered by any painful emotions. Whenever painful emotions happen, the toxins shower on your system. Not just the pain - even the toxins showers on your system.


When it showers - few of your cells, not just the toxins - it catches the painful samskara also. When it catches - one important thing, these cells are not dead. You catch,your cells catch these emotions. One more important - you are not able to see? Alright. Oh - you are okay? Usually male don’t complain much. Poor guys - no, no, no. I don't mean female complain. Otherwise, I got 20 letters now, “How come You make comment? How come You can make fun of us?” Whatever comments, jokes I make about male I will never get a single resisting letter. No, I will never get a single resisting letter. See, “ How come you make fun of me?” Nobody writes. It's ok - chalta hai - let's carry on. Somehow....anyhow...



Understanding Pain in the Etheric Layer Part 2




Try to avoid all physical and emotional roller coasters. Reading this violent material and crime novel and enjoying these taboo things - these tabloid thing is the worst thing done to the human beings; humanity. Always, these human beings have a secret joy to know about the other's sex life or other's violence. Whatever these guys can't do, if somebody else does they enjoy it. It's called pen prostitution - that's the right word. Trying to read and listen and enjoy the other’s things - try to avoid. Because the more and more you accumulate these kind of samskaras, this body will create deeper and deeper disease and depression in you.


This layer is responsible for depression. If you are taking medication for depression. Understand. When I say something, I am responsible. Just work on this one meditation for ten days. I can promise, you will see the depression medication - the need for depression medication disappears. Doctors themself will tell. Usually, I don't interfere in medication because legally I can't interfere. I am not a doctor but do this meditation. Go to the doctor, doctor will say clearly, "You don't need medicine." You don't need medicines. I brought thousands of people out of depression, just with this one meditation - one process. The pranic layer process will do de-addiction. This process will do: releasing from depression, releasing from depression.


One more thing: every pain you experience in your body is connected to one strong emotion. Your shoulder pain is directly connected to stress. For example, go and sit in your office - morning. Don't do any work, just meditate on your boss, you will have shoulder pain and knee pain. No, really, just remember your boss. "Nithyanandam Parama Sukhadam" You don't have to even chant dhyana sloka - just if you sit in our chair you will remember your boss. Remember your boss and that stress is enough - you will have shoulder pain and knee pain. It is directly related to your stress and your stomach problems are directly related to worry. Every emotion is connected to one physical suffering. When you go into this meditation and come out, you will see the very root of depression will be shaken.


There is one beautiful book, her name is Louise Hay. Participants: "You can heal yourself.” HDH: "You can heal yourself." She has written some six -seven volumes. I feel she had direct darshan of Patanjali and she's very honest in recognizing - she acknowledges all this knowledge is from Vedic tradition and yogic tradition. One amazing thing, she doesn’t know Sanskrit, she doesn’t know Sanskrit - but how she mastered the Patanjali's commentary. You see, Patanjali's Sutras are translated in English - that's available but not commentaries on sutras. But she has mastered even those technical details and she has connected disease and the emotions very beautifully. Understand. I acknowledge that table which she created - I acknowledge. If you find time, see that table and that table is true. Every connection she created is truth - no doubt about it. She has taken exactly from Patanjali's Yoga Sutra commentaries and very beautiful translated. Very beautiful translated and connected.


I was actually thinking that I should sit and Consciously scan. Because there are many modern day diseases - Patanjali does not speak about those names exactly but he says about the causes - the symptom but not the names of the modern day disease; because this disease did not exist in those days. In India we don't - we did not have so many diseases. One important thing you should know: any psychiatric disorder - if you just create some ten symptoms. You see, in the West one big problem is, the medical industry and the medication industry is private and big lobby. I can’t talk all this thing boldly in USA. You guys are blessed I am talking all these things boldly - learn whatever I am saying is truth but I don't talk all of this in USA - big problem.


No, you don't know. I am - but whatever I am saying is truth - catch and try to save yourself. One more thing, all the guys who are living in the city, you are living in USA. Don't think you are living in India - save yourself. Too much of advertisement for food and medication - too much. How you know? In the TV you will see advertisement, "If you have constant irritation - sometimes symptoms. If you have once in while stomach trouble." The ten symptoms will be such anybody will fall in one symptom. It will be very broad - "Then you may be having this disease. Please find out, call your doctor immediately for help."


See, if they are saying about ten symptom and if you feel connected to one symptom - next day itself you will start thinking, "I have this problem. What about the other nine symptom? I think I should attract." You will attract, you will create it. Other day I was reading an article - any psychiatric disorder create a understanding, study about it and get the symptoms and publish - you will see 20% of the country is suffering in the disorder - means what? Whenever people hear about some symptom, they try to feel connected, “I think I have that. No, you see yesterday I had irritation. Last ten days I am continuously irritated. I think I have that disorder." The moment you conclude you have that disorder - what you do? You attract all other symptoms, all other symptoms and start creating the problem.


This is the same thing happening. Never, ever see the ads of this - all these medication. See, have a regular medical check up - that's perfectly all right, nothing wrong but constantly sitting and brooding over, “I think I have that symptom. I think I have that symptom.” Then naturally what will happen? You are meditating on that symptom. What will happen? You will attract, you will bring that symptom to you - you will attract it. All these difficulties, problems are because of this fourth layer engrams, fourth layer engrams; deep emotion.


Too much of engrams in etheric layer. Maybe later on I will talk little bit detail about the advertisements for food. In, you see - if you drive in Indian highways, the moment you see a temple tower, you know one village is coming. In USA when you drive in the highway, the moment you see the McDonald's tower you know one county is coming. So much of advertising for food. I always felt that McDonalds and pizza should not come inside India but they have come already. They have already come and these fellows are destroy our health. They are just going to...


Participants: Coca-cola. HDH: That's another one worst thing. These fellows are going to destroy our health. Somebody ask Me, “What is the Vatha, Pitha, Kapha?” It's three different energies - you asked the question. It's three different energies which balances your system and runs. Vatha is directly related to your verbalisation. Pitha is related to your visualisation. That's why they say, “I think Pitha has gone into his head" - if he is not able to visualize properly - pitha is related to visualization. Kapha is related to the center energy flowing - balance connecting the visualization-verbalization. If these three energies are unbalanced you will have diseases.


See these two days we have not done anything except different visualizations. With this if your pitha is getting awakened - means it's getting cleaned. Don't take anasin, metasin - all these nonsensical things which you are constantly seeing in the TV. It's actually a sin - that's why anasin, metasin. And relax - try to live, reduce the chemical intake. Try to reduce the chemical intake as much as possible. It will do so much good for you. See, some serious diseases like heart problems. Serious problems, like a - really big problems which you can't handle by mind - at that time take medication because you abused too much, but whatever you can handle with mind in a simple way, try to manage, have patience.


Connect with your body - sit with your body and pray to your body. Understand. Your body is intelligence. How you pray to God - sit and pray to your body - it's a powerful technique. Pray to your liver, “ Please, heal yourself. See that I am living a healthy life.” Pray to your heart, “Please, heal yourself. Function properly. You are independent intelligence. Help me to live happy.” Understand. Every cell in you is a independent intelligence - responds to your thoughts, your desires, your feelings, your emotions and your prayers.


There is a beautiful book,“ Biology of Belief.” Any of you - heard that book? Bruce Lipton. Am I right? Bruce Lipton. Very intelligence research, very intelligence research - 30 years of research. He reveals with the scientific facts, he proves even your DNA system can be altered. Understand. He goes to the extreme of saying, "Your DNA system can be altered by your thought." He says, “Don't think you are living as per your body. Your body changes as per your living.” Completely shifts the understanding, shift the understanding. He goes to the extreme of proving some of the major things like a - if a child is adopted by somebody else - in the young age - neither the parents nor the kids should know that they are not physically connected.


It's like a - change the kids in the hospital. You will be surprised - kids get the disease of adopted parents. The genetical disorders of adopted parents not the physical parents; actual parents. Then what do you mean by the genetical disorder or hereditary diseases? It is nothing but mind, nothing but mind. I was really surprised, shocked to see his report. He has done a thoroughly research - 30 years of research. Every point, what Patanjali says, what I am talking now is proved scientifically. Now all we need to do: reduce the depth of engrams in the etheric layer. We will do it as two-three process. First proc - please understand - one more thing, many of the statement which I am talking, saying - I am not giving scientific references. Only few statements I am giving scientific references because science has evolved only that much. Science has evolved only that much. Understand.


Science is just four hundred year old bachcha. No, true, array we are ten thousand year old R & D - research and development department in the inner science; the eastern rishis. These fellows are just 400 years old bachchas. Just because media is under their control, don't think they are more authentic than us. Our Masters are much more authentic. Actually, now the quantum physicists have understood. They say, ”Swamiji..." The other day I had the opportunity to sit with the Nobel laureate - very wonderful guy. In San Francisco, he discovered, invented the laser-maser. I was talking to him about this science and spirituality. He said, "Swamiji, to tell you honestly there are thousands of questions only mystics can answer. Only - even the scientist who have entered the zone of the mystics only can answer - not the scientists. The science has evolved itself, Swamiji." He says,"By 2012 the science will reach its peak and turn to spirituality".


He says,“By 2012, it will reach its peak - there will be nothing further to explore - especially in the quantum physics line. He says the same speed if we are growing, by 2012 we are saturated - after that nothing can be done. Then the answers can come only from mystics, only from mystics. By 2020 they say, all the sports, the physical activity with the western trend - sports, gym, exercise, everything will reach its peak performance then they will return to yoga. They have to turn only to yoga for anything. Please understand. Whatever science has evolved and proved I am giving references but all other things - what I am talking is much more deeper truth than science; they are yet to evolve, they are yet to evolve to our level - to find out and tell the truth.


Don't think just because I give some scientific researches or supports or references the science is the reference scale, no! Relax. Science is not reference scale. The apta pramana - the words of the Masters is the reference scale. Science can be proud, they can claim with pride that they proved some of the words of the Masters - that's all, not otherwise.


Now we will enter into the process for the pain body. Actually this body we can call as pain body, because all three layers of pain you stored in this, all three layers of pain you store in this. First: physical pain - remember all the pains you went through in your life, childhood fighting. Some mark - everyone will have some mark especially in India. If you had brothers and sisters, you will have their mark on you. You see I carry one mark, this also from my cousin brother. That fellow has become a immortal because of this mark. Young age, especially the Indian villages - I am born and brought in Thiruvannamalai. Those days it was a village, nowadays it has become town - those days it was a village. In the houses they use big, heavy vessels. Nowadays, vessels have become very light. Those days the vessels were very heavy. That fellow just took and had a ball - bowling on Me.


You will carry a mark - start from that pains. Bring every pain back to life. If you had some surgery and had a pain - bring that same intense pain to life. If you had some disease, even if the pain is not there now, even if you are healed now - please do not forget. You may not have that pain now. If you had even once in your life, bring it back to life. Understand. When you open up and bring that pain - can you write later on? Can you drop paper, pen, everything? When you bring that pain into your Conscious layer now, in the presence of the Master - it will be completely burnt away. First day I was telling you: exposing your film - that is what now we are going to do. Bring it Consciously to the Conscious plane and release. One more thing, really this batch is very fortunate batch. Usually in India, whenever I take NSP - at least - in last NSP we had 2,700 people. No, 2000 people in Salem - Tamil program.


Somehow it is english program and we did not do publicity much earlier so you have a less crowd - you have enough time, have enough of space, use it completely, don't miss it. Bring every pain back to life - relive, relive. First, physical pain - all physical pains. If you have knee pain ten years ago and now it is not there, you are healed - even then bring it back; don't bother. Even the dead samskaras I am trying to burn. Even if they are dead it should be burnt otherwise, it will become a place for other samskaras to grow. Dead leaves will become manure Dead samskaras also can become manure - place for other samskaras to grow - it has to be burnt completely, burnt completely.


All physical pains - first layer. Second, important thing - all mental pain, means wherever your ego was hurt - you did not receive respect. You always think, “Do you know who am I? Do you know who am I?” Wherever you go, you carry that big visiting card - some 25 titles will be printed in that. I have seen people carrying visiting cards. Even the former, former, all those posts - whatever they had in their life will be printed. Understand. You carry that visiting card everywhere you go and naturally you will have big blows everywhere - that Is what I call mental pain.


Third, emotional pain, emotional pain is very intimate pains.The deep trust which you had but exploited - the relationship, broken. That kind of emotional pain is a third layer pain. Go into each layer and relive them. Please spread all over the hall - I will guide you step-by-step.



Why Does Master Give Spiritual Name || NSC


Title : Why Does Master Give Spiritual Name
Name of Convention - Nithyananda Spurana
Session on - Q & A Session
Venue - Adi Kailasa, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Date - 06 January 2008

This video is an excerpt from the Nithyananda Spurana conducted on 06 January 2008 in Adi Kailasa, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. Here Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism Jagatguru Mahasannidhanam HDH Bhagavan #Nithyananda​ #Paramashivam​ talks about the purpose and science behind giving a spiritual name to an initiated disciple.


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Somebody is asking about the BSP and healer’s Initiation. They are asking, they have done a reiki courses, "Will the healer’s initiation course teach the - how to heal? In healer’s initiation you will be taught how to heal you and how to heal others. “Will it interfere with reiki symbols?” No! It won’t interfere with reiki. I tell you, all reiki healers come and tell Me, they suffer with side effects. Our system has no side effect because directly you are connected to Superconsciousness. There is no mind involved with our system. Reiki has missed an important truth. If you are really devoted to reiki, even if you are hurt - sorry for hurting you, but what I am saying is truth.


"Swamiji, permit for you to like to have a spiritual name from you.” Oh, God! It’s a big problem, I thought I will somehow avoid this NSP without giving spiritual name - some 6-7 letters. Let Me explain exactly what is spiritual name. You are given a name based on your time of birth, in India. Here, I try to study your very being, which is the straight, quickest, simple way you will achieve Enlightenment. There are some people, intellect based - for them rituals will never - they will never be able to connect with rituals; intellectual path is the only way. Study, again and again contemplate, that clarity will liberate them - they don’t need rituals, they don’t need anything else. That kind of people I will give - usually I will give the name Nithya Dhyana, Ananda Jnana. Jnana means, the intellect, vairagya; the intellect kind of a word.


Some people - emotional, for them nothing is required, just seeing the Master, seeing the murti is enough - God or Guru; just the seeing is enough - they will melt. For them usually I give the name, Nithya Bhakta, Bhaktananda, Bhakta Priya, Jnana Bhaktha or Bhaktha Roopa, Prema Roopa - this kind of a names.


The third is being level. Neither they need intellect nor they need emotion, just meditation techniques are enough, it will liberate them - technique based; being level people. For them I usually give the name Nithya Dhyana, Dhyanananada, this kind of name. So based on the path which will liberate you, I choose the name.


Name has three things: one thing, first: even in your unconscious you connect with your name. If 10 people are sleeping, just shout Ram, only the Ram will get up - he will get up, you can see. Even the deep sleep you are connected to that name. Second important thing, this spiritual name - see name is like a hanger on which you hang all your coat, all your coats. If you change the hanger, your whole personality will go through a big transformation. So when you add a spiritual name the whole personality goes through a big spiritual transformation.


Above all, when it comes from an Enlightened Consciousness - actually whoever requests name, I will make them sit in the front when you meditate and I will go through each name. That’s why the name - the number is given on your card. So go through and classify whether I - intellectual, E means emotional, B means being level. Then sit and select name. When it comes from an Enlightened Consciousness it has three meaning. One: that is the path in which you are to travel, that is the goal you will achieve - above all that is a blessing from a Master that you will achieve it. That’s a way the name is given. It takes too much of time to design and give. I thought somehow I will avoid this NSP. Maybe that's why now I made restriction: only people who are changing legally I will give. Those days I used to give whoever asks - so I started filtering. Whoever is changing legally, wants to change legally - whoever is taking it really sincerely, you can apply. I will give you the name. Don’t think, “Oh! Now I will tell - later on I won’t change.” Then it is telling lie to the Master. Don’t try to play any game.



Hinduism Believes in Transformation || NSP


Title : Hinduism Believes in Transformation
Name of Convention - Nithyananda Spurana
Session on - Q & A Session
Venue - Adi Kailasa, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Date - 06 January 2008

This video is an excerpt from the Nithyananda Spurana conducted on 06 January 2008 in Adi Kailasa, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. Here Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism Jagatguru Mahasannidhanam HDH Bhagavan #Nithyananda​ #Paramashivam​ answers various questions on topics about His earlier wandering years, spirituality, healing, and meditation.


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Somebody is saying about conversion. I don’t want to get into too much into this - this is controversial subject. Conversion never elevates the people - I have seen enough, it is only a political game. Understand, political game. Many of my disciples ask Me, “Swamiji, should I convert to Hinduism? Should I convert to Hinduism?" I said, “No!” We don’t believe in conversion, we believe in transformation. Conversion is ugly thing, very ugly. Inside our ashram we have an ashramite who was a pastor - who was a pastor in - Karunatha is here? She is not here. She was a pastor in Divine Sense Church; she was very senior pastor.


She asked Me, “Should I convert?” I said, "No." And I have Swamis who are Christians and Muslims. If you - how many of you are going to do BSP? The Brahmachari who is going to conduct BSP is a Christian. And I have enough of Muslim Swamis - Brahmacharis. I said, "We don’t believe in conversion. We believe in transformation." Conversion is a idiotic political game. You understand. See, if you have a big mass, you can have your voice on politics and every year four thousand crores missionaries are pumping into India because by 2012 they want fifty-one percent of India to be christians.


So I feel, you see, if you are really interested in doing service, do service. Why should you convert? It’s a complete political game and not only that. People come and tell, "No, no, no because of caste system they are converting." Array, if your neighbour house is burning - you will start stealing whatever you can? Either try to put off the fire or keep quiet, he will put out the fire. Why do you come and steal things? When house is burning, of course, we had few problems and we are working it out - and using and abusing. Especially in the west - see west, christian missionaries have projected our India as a - where click with any missionaries website. They will show only kids with empty plate. India means nothing but kids with empty plate and the snake charmers - no, really. That’s the way they project India and whole our Vedic tradition is considered as evil cult. That’s a word they use to popularise or tell about us. It’s just nonsense.


What you see, we are so broad. Even now because you asked I said. Otherwise, if somebody comes and asks Me, “Swamiji, what are they doing all these nonsense. What reply you are give?” Ahh. it’s ok, whoever wants they do their karmas. We are never resist, it's never in our blood. We always feel, not only we invent, we gave them our place, food, took care and we even allowed them to convert our own people.


I always feel - we don’t have a problem with anyone. I always tell people: Muslims who are not entering into terrorism, Christians who are not doing conversions are our own brothers - we don’t have a problem, they are our own brothers. Only, when these idiots try to attack us. See we always tell, "You’ also live happily, I will also live happy. See, you took birth in that family, live there. I took birth in this family, let’s live there like this - that’s all.


There are very wonderful organizations - some of the Christian and Russian orthodox church and Greek orthodox church don’t believe in conversion. They don’t believe in conversion - very wonderful organization. We keep a very good relationship with them. Whenever I get a chance I never miss visiting their churches, never miss inviting them to our organisation. Let’s live in the same way how we took birth - intensify, that’s all. Whatever you are doing - intensify. that’s all. If I want I could have converted at least one lakh people. I said, "No, foolishness! Who cares? It's nonsense, we don’t believe in conversion." And what to do - it’s a political game going on.


"Without going to school how did you complete your engineering?" That's a very funny thing - I don’t want to tell you all these secrets. It’s not that 100% I did not go but 90% I did not go. I had one great disciple who was my class teacher. No, really. The school I studied, if you see, if you read My biography, one teacher had a darshan of Ayyappa in Me. So from that time no problem at all - he will leave attendance. He will give attendance and even day before yesterday he came and met Me - he had darshan and so devoted. I don’t know how come this guy became devoted to Me at that time, during my school days and he will be calling Me only Swami - from that time.


Actually, some of his - one of his relatives is a great astrologer, who was my family astrologer, so that guy has told him. I think that astrologer may be cousin or something - that guy has told him, "Hey, take care this boy is not a small boy. Don’t think He is a ordinary guy." Something he told because of that fellow - the teacher had a great respect for Me and I never had to go to school, never had to attend the examinations; nothing. It’s a great freedom actually.


And college also I had the same way from disciples - somehow it happened. Maximum 10% only I will attend the class but somehow I passed the examination. My awareness, depth of My awareness was so sharp. Every year, I will have problem - bare minimum attendance only I have. If I know I fulfilled the maximum attendance I managed, next year onwards never ever I put My head towards the direction. I will be sitting inside the hostel but I will not go to the college. If they ask I will tell, “What do you want, attendance? It’s already done, go." And same way examination also - I will answer only for 40 mark - not one mark more than that. Exact pass mark I will answer and come out and finish. But somehow finally the final exams I did little well and got even distinction - I was really surprised.


I will never touch the book, I will never touch the book. I don’t know how you believe, after finishing the examinations only I suddenly realized two-three subjects I did not even buy books, I did not even buy books - went to the class and sat and whatever I heard in the class and moreover used to be boring, to tell you honestly. No, really. Too simple, too boring and even though teachers will be boring - even they will not know if you ask something logically. Poor fellows, whatever they memorize they come and shout in the class and if they miss one sentence - if they forget they will start from the one. A for apple, B for boy, C for cat and boring. So, sometime I used to torture the teachers by questions. They will tell you don’t come to the class I will put the attendance - that is the bargain. I ask, "No, I have no problems. I will come and sit in the class but I will ask questions.


And they say, "Better you don’t come" because they lose their respect in the class if they can’t answer. Especially this mechanical engineering and all - whatever is outdated hundred years ago, that only is syllabus. How many of you are mechanical engineers? In those days I used to think to get a degree you need intelligence. Now I realized you don’t need anything. And I had lot of fun studying. You can imagine, visualize Me going to one class and sitting. What would happen to that poor guy?


And you should know after Enlightenment after the mission has started - the same college, they invited Me and I took classes for all the teachers. No, really. Seven day class but all the staff attended. Two, I think three years ago - five years back - when we started the mission. We have videograph - all the staff attended. Whoever tortured Me I took revenge on him. I put them,"Hey, stand outside. Why are you late together?" I started giving homework, "Start writing about the chakra - twenty lines from tomorrow. Anyhow, now we got our own university. I think some of you may know the one international Vedic Hindu University which is 19 year old. The chairman, the founder and chairman they have become very old and they are not able to - so they hand over that university to us. Now, we are running the university. According to American statistics they have 8,000 universities and the youngest chancellor - that country they called it chairman. Here we called 'chancellor', na?


“Why is women in the olden - no...treated so badly during those days and not allowed.” It's a important problem. There is one more question, one from a female - only asked na, "Why women are not allowed?" Okay, anyhow, let Me answer this question, this problem once for all - I am nobody to criticize why those temples are - they are not allowing or they are allowing; I am nobody, I have no right to criticize. I have no right to interfere what they are doing. But in all our temples, we are run thirty temples around the world. In all our temples we allow women in all days. I don’t believe about this. According to Me, in those days you need more meditation, more devotion - because physically and mentally you are little low. So you need more meditation to bring you up. So, I don’t have a problem. People ask Me, "In my house, puja room, elders are not allowing us to enter in puja room. We feel guilty to enter into the puja room during the days." I tell them to keep one of my photograph in your puja room. Go into the puja room even during those days. If some Gods ask you, tell them, "I came to see my Swami" - that’s all.


If they are angry, let them be angry, don’t bother. Tell them, "I came here to see Him. If you want you turn the outside." I don’t believe in this. Somebody asked Me about this. There is a question about this mangalsutra also. To tell you honestly I don’t believe in mangalsutra. You asked the question, na? I don’t believe in mangalsutra. If you want you can wear traditionally. I feel men should wear mangalsutra. These guys are only going around. See, even according to statistics, the extramarital affair is more with men only, not women. No, It’s statistics, I am not - that’s what I am saying but the number - the number statistics is more. See, first step or aggressive step is from men only. So naturally - relax, relax, relax - relax, relax, relax, relax! No, you see when it comes to truth we have to tell - nothing can be done. Simple truth is simple truth, nothing can be done. So I feel personally men should wear more than women. Anyhow, I can’t change the whole thing but I can at least change few people.


Somebody is asking, "At Chennai ASP you told that you - for tiring - elephant in the hut you keep a group photo..." I told about tying the elephant, means the coming down into the body. He is asking question about that, “Tying the elephant in the hut you keep a group photograph of disciples with you. But today, you told that you chant mantra. Why have you changed your technique?” See, the problem is sometime disciples are not that mature to receive the Master’s love. Master’s love is so intense and so beautiful. These fellows are not that qualified, that’s why I changed from disciples to mantra. Now I don’t have the photograph - I removed it. Earlier I used to have group of disciple's photograph in My room. Morning, the moment when I get up I feel, "Oh, all these guys need Me and now I decided the mantra is enough.


"Does cough will come in this meditation technique?" Cough will come when the vatha, pitha, kapha is getting balanced. "Why saffron and white clothes are to be worn while going after a spiritual pursuit?" See, there is something called color therapy, you heard? The West, now it has become very popular. If you use a light-blue light, light-blue in your bedroom, you will have a deep sleep. If you use the dark-red light, you will have a disturbance sleep and dreams. Colors play a major role on your mind. This color awakens your Consciousness; your awareness. White awakes a kind of silence, peace in you. That’s why around the world white is considered as a symbol of peace. This is symbol of Consciousness; awareness. That’s why I use this cloth. Actually, I am not supposed to use these cloth technically. Technically, Paramahamsa is much more than a Swami. There is a sutra - Paramahamsa should radiate so much of grace without even the outer symbols like a cloth and the vibhuti - people should be able to recognize him.


So, I am not supposed to technically use but my respect for these clothe. For a quite long time I used this during My wandering - before my Enlightenment. After Enlightenment you are not supposed to use these cloth . You are suppose to use the sky as the dress - means, naga; means the naked. If at all you wear the cloth, rainbow as the colors - means all seven colors - sky or the rainbow. If you are in the forest sky is the cloth 'digambara' If you are in the city, rainbow is the clothe - all colors you are supposed to use - means people should not respect you because of the cloth. They should respect you seeing the energy and grace you radiate.


So, I am not supposed to technically use but I love this and moreover maintenance-free, that's why I use. But it has something to do with Consciousness also. Here is one wonderful experience. "My mother had a sister who remembered her past life - lucid details, her daughter’s names. Hindu names she could not have heard living in a sheltered manner in a sick home in a community. Lots of details about her life then. She begged and pleaded for my mother’s family to take to her previous home, so she could show her husband where she had hidden jewellery for her daughter’s marriage. This child died young of a childhood illness. Her family used to discourage any talk of her past life, thinking it would be a bad omen”.


No. I think very unfortunately that child had been misused and killed. Actually, they should have taken that child to some Enlightened Master and encouraged. When you remember your past don’t think it’s just a power. You will suddenly remember you are doing this same thing again and again and you will also start working for Enlightenment. Remembering past is a powerful technique to achieve Enlightenment - you will be just pushed towards Enlightenment. So, I feel they should have helped the child.



Stop Swallowing Violence for Entertainment || NSC || 06 Jan 2008

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When I made the statement, "Your cell is intelligence." I mean, two-three qualities of intelligence is constantly expressed by your cells. One, first quality: reproducing. You see, anything which survives, has to reproduce - anything which reproduces only can survive. It’s a basic law. A buffalo by its very nature, it will try to reproduce one more buffalo. Man by his very nature, he has to reproduce. Understand. What I am doing is also one kind of reproduction. I have become Enlightened, now constantly I am reproducing Enlightenment on human beings. See, you all carry your garbha in muladhara. I carry my garbha in anahata - that’s all. I carry my disciples in my heart and hatch them. It’s just actually reproducing. Only a person who is able - capable of doing the higher kinds of reproductions, does not need the lower kind of reproduction. Otherwise every human being, by his very nature - it’s a survival need, truth.


You have to reproduce. Cells also, don’t keep quiet, what they do, they start reproducing. So, for example, morning you had a pain shower - some suffering, by evening those cells have become now three. One reproduces two. Now, night if you have the same pain shower, what will happen? All three fellows will catch the same engram - they will get the same energy; same engram. Then, by next day what will happen - these guys will become, they will multiply. That is why every time you have that same pain shower on you, the experience is intense, whether it is anger or pain - whatever may be. Second time, third time if the same emotion happens in you, what will happen - the experience will be very strong; intense. And this expansion you don’t need to cooperate, this multiplying happens without your contribution. Reproduction here - physical body, needs you directly involving, going through that experience. Reproduction in the prana and mental layer, pranic and mental layer needs at least you remembering those engrams. But the reproduction in the etheric body, does not need any cooperation or 'yes' from your side. It just goes on and on and on without you saying 'yes', that is why no pain should be allowed to stay inside your inner space.


In Tamil there’s a proverb: fire, enmity, the loan should not be allowed, even little bit to remain. Because they will multiply, they will grow. Fire also will expand, enmity will also expand, and loan also will expand. Same way, these engrams cannot be allowed, even little bit to remain. It’s a very powerful layer. Understand the importance of this layer. All seven chakras are in this layer only - the whole ASP program, the LBP level 1 - how many of you have done that program - seven chakras? The whole program is just to work on this layer - fourth layer; etheric layer. All seven chakras are in this layer only. Understand. The one full program, 2-day workshop I have dedicated to this layer means - then understand the importance of this layer.


If this layer is cleansed, practically you will not attract any unknown accidents, difficulties in your life. All accidents, attracting accidents or unknown things in your life happens because of this layer. This acts like a dish - if you have a dish, how the waves are attracted to you, especially the channel which you tune, that same waves are attracted to you. Same way, this layer acts like a dish for painful memories. One more thing - one important danger of this layer, when you have so much of painful memories, you start enjoying other’s pains and sufferings. That is why this a yellow journalist. Why do you think so much people enjoy this yellow journalist - means like a murder, crime novels - the crime journals. There are many magazines and media, that 80% of their energy is spent only in investing all this nonsense and writing some more things.


See, I am not saying don’t know about the world at all, you can know - just a simple regular news is enough. And the law enforcement department is there, they are going to take care. Are you going to change anything directly, no! But, from morning till night they will be sitting with that same journals, magazines - the wrapper itself you will see with the big sword or gun with the blood. This kind of articles, this kind of things you start enjoying. I have seen people, they know if they see some horror movies for two-three days continuously, they will be completely frightened, they can’t even go to their kitchen to drink water in the night time. But even then, they will sit only with these movies - the horror movies. You will start cherishing, enjoying violent, horrible things, if this layer is too strong. The engrams in this layer is too strong. Understand. There is a very beautiful sutra in upanishad: āhāra-śuddhau smṛti śuddhiḥ - if the food is pure, your memory will become pure. That does not mean only the food which you eat through mouth - the food which you eat through eyes, food which you eat through ears, food you eat through touch, food which you eat through smell; all five senses, all five senses. So, be very clear, āhāra śuddhiḥ means not swallowing violent, abusive things even through media, even through media. If you are enjoying horror movies, the violent, especially the stunt scenes - be very clear, you have something seriously wrong in this layer.


According to Me romance is much better shows - it’s not that I am saying go and see romantic movies. If you have a choice, better go for some light things, some comedy, or romance - that’s much better. You won’t hurt yourself, you will just have entertainment - time pass, over. But if you start cherishing or enjoying the violence, horrible things, you will weaken this fourth layer. Understand, please understand. Now the statement which I am making, logically you may not understand, but let Me be very clear, it’s honest truth - I promise once more, it’s honest truth. If you start enjoying horrible things and violence, through media or through reading or all these ways you will surely attract accidents, and unnecessary violent things in your life. Because your inner space is so powerful, it can create incidents in your outer space. Don’t think your inner space is such a insensitive thing, it has nothing to do with your life, no! You are not that intelligent to edit your inner space and create your own outer space, no!. Whatever you carry in your inner space, same thing only will be reproduced in outer space. So, be very clear, before you start enjoying horror movies, violent things in your life. Stop swallowing suffering, as if you have less - as if already you have less in your stock. Stop swallowing suffering, you are swallowing too much of suffering, too much of suffering. Not only that, without knowing, that’s another one problem - without knowing.


So, if you are - if at all you want entertainments, have more the comedy things and romance based - at least you are saved. Actually, enjoying the adrenaline release is what is reason for enjoying all these nonsense. You see, when you enjoy all those, when you experience all those horrible things - the horror movie or this violent things - adrenaline release happens in your system, and by and by you start enjoying that adrenaline surge; release. Please understand. Anybody who enjoys adrenaline surge, whenever that high, intense adrenaline release does not happen in the system, they will be depressed. That is why, you see, whenever I enter in any country, just two-three days if I watch the local channel I can tell the Consciousness of that country. People ask Me, "Swamiji, you travel all over the world, everywhere, whatever you speak, it feels so appealing to that culture and the country." Actually I do this only, I sit and watch the local channel, try to have an interpreter if I don’t understand that language, and tell that guy to translate and tell Me and pick of some local slang - language books - common things. I can straight away find out, which Conscience they are in. When I went to Disney World, one devotee was taking Me around he said, "Swamiji, see what wonderful entertain things these guys have, amazing thing. We didn’t have all these things in India." I said, "Idiot, don’t you understand this whole country is depressed." No, true. Please understand. Especially the roller coasters, roller coasters and that high excitement - the intense movements, what do you think they are doing? They create a deep adrenaline surge in you - release in you and people start enjoying that.


If you enjoy the adrenaline surge 20 times in your life, after a few days if you don’t have that surge you will be in depression, you will be in depression. I can give you a one right example: dog eating its own leg, chewing its own leg - is the exact right example for enjoying your own adrenaline release, adrenaline surge. Once they put Me in roller coaster - she only. Alright, I will tell the experience. First time when I went to USA, in Santa Monica Beach, na? In Santa Monica Beach. Usually I go for evening walk, if I stay in the beach cities, go in the evening walk. If I stay in the hilly region, I go in the hill for evening walk. That’s My only entertainment - just walking. Anyway, we went for a walk, slowly these guys started telling Me, "Swamiji, this roller coaster is very wonderful - why don’t you try?" I said, "No, no, no these are all not for Me." But you know these devotees, how strong and stubborn they are. And you know how these guys will usually talk - not only she, there are two-three other people also - her colleagues, all put together, slowly they started telling, "No, no, no Swamiji, you know it is really wonderful experience. It will really be fun - just try. After all nothing. See all, even the young guys are doing there." And they told Me all kinds of reasons then finally I said, "All right, I will come there. I will see the expressions of the people who are coming out.


If that is really joyful then I will try. I went there, I saw that when the roller coaster comes and stops, all the guys are raising the hand and shouting, "Ooohhh!" I thought, "Oh, it must be exciting! Then it must be exciting. I said, "All right, buy tickets. Let's go and sit." Anyhow they have put Me in seat, and the moment I sat these fellows have locked Me actually. They put kind of a seat belt and that bar and you can’t even think of getting out.


Anyhow, everything was ready and but these guys did not get in - only one or two guys. They put Me there and especially nobody sat with Me also - it’s a two seater, nobody sat with Me and even one or two guys who got in, they all go in other seats. I don’t know what they thought, what they are planning. Anyhow it started, first thing the moment it started My turban - I used to have a turban, the turban flew off. And 60 feet tall - height roller coaster, that turban is caught in the structure and it is flying like a kavi flag. And another one big problem is it got caught above the American flag, it is illegal. In that country you cannot have any flag taller than the American flag - and this flag is flying. First problem, you don’t know what for they will sue you in that country, no really. See, if somebody comes inside your house and falls you are responsible. I can’t understand all these laws. No, really. I studied their constitution - I studied their not constitution, their laws. Very funny - one thief came to one house to steal, and when he was climbing, there was one glass door which was not fixed properly - the roof and he fell, he sued the owner of the house and got money. No, really. Of course, I never tried second time.


Anyway, let Me tell the whole story. It’s I think 90 minutes - 90 minutes no, ma? 90-seconds, sorry, 90-seconds, 90-second roller coaster. 90-second is not, don’t think such a short time. If you sit in roller coaster, you will understand how long 90 minutes, seconds looks. And went this side and that side and that side and one full round. Finally, it came and stopped. I saw, without even My awareness, I am also exciting way, I am also shouting, "Ahhhh!" Not because of the roller coaster, because it stopped - not be.cause of the joy or excitement, because it stopped, saved you,"Ahhh, pah." It was such big relief, only then I understood why those fellows were excited - but too late. But when I came out, many people were standing and asking, “How it was Swamiji?” I said, "Great! Go, go, go! You should not miss this experience, go!"


Now let Me tell you what I wanted to convey through this experience. You see, after Enlightenment - for an Enlightened Being, all - you see, usually all of you meditate everyday, - in My case I do something against meditation, because I have to keep myself to the body, keep Myself down to the body. Even repeating mantra is against meditation - it is not meditation. Only for you it is elevating technique - verbalization. See, each level has a technique, the physical level if you do prana - yoga, you will be growing. In the pranic level: pranayama, in the mental level: repetition of mantra, in the etheric level: visualization of some form of the God or Guru. So each level has a technique. For My thing - you see if you are in physical level mantra is a elevating technique. If you are in nirvanic level mantra is pulling down technique, mantra is also a kind of a pulling down technique, that’s why I repeat.


Understand. That two - the 90-second, I don’t need to do anything, that roller coaster itself brought Me down. Then understand - understand the negative effects of roller coaster on system - Consciously it dulls you, makes you insensitive. In My case it did good for Me because I have to come down. In your case, where will you go down? Where more you will go down, you are already... So, never ever get into things which creates a strong adrenaline surge in you - that makes you completely insensitive, makes you completely dull and negative. Even the crime novels reading and all is a kind of excitement - you can see. Reading crime novels can directly lead you to depression. You don’t need anything - that’s like a you are taking something which will create depression in you. And then you come and complain, “I am depressed, what to do, Swamiji?” Remove all the things which adds depression to your being, then naturally you will be out of depression. Actually, if I go in a roller coaster once in a week, it will do lot of good for Me - means it will bring Me down to the - for that few moments I felt my boundary completely - that 90-second I felt the boundary completely, that’s why sometime I sit in the swing. Swing also make Me feel the boundary - that’s why I sit in the swing. Roller coaster is like a strong swing, very powerful swing. But in your case that is not going to help. Swing is ok, not much negative but this roller coaster will release so much of adrenaline inside your system. It will bring you - it will give you the excitement which your system cannot handle. So, it will be very joyful first few time - later on what will happen - you will be depressed whenever you can’t have that intense excitements. - you become insensitive.



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