January 19 2008

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Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism HDH Bhagavan Sri Nithyanananda Paramashivam


International Vedic Hindu University* (* Hindu University of America) confers it's first Honorary Doctorate to Jagatguru Sri Sri Sri Balagangadhara Natha Mahaswamiji. Paramahamsa Nithyananda presents the honorary degree of Doctor of Hindu Philosophy in Bangalore on January 19, 2008. Paramahamsa Nithyananda, enlightened master and modern mystic, serves as Chairman and President of IVHU. Under his divine guidance IVHU is now operating extended campuses in 11 countries. The university is rapidly expanding services to provide ancient Vedic Wisdom through various delivery models including on-campus, online and extended campuses.

Video and Audio - Int'l Vedic Hindu Univ confers 1st Honorary Doctorate

Video Audio



sadashiva samarambham shankaracharya madhyamam asmat acharya paryantam vande guru paramparama

[00:00:33] First I offer my humble respects and pranams, to His Holiness Jagadguru Sri Sri Sri Balagangadhara Natha Mahaswamiji, on his 64th birthday, and, I offer my humble respects to His Excellency, former president of India Bharat Ratna, Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam and his Excellency, the Governor of Karnataka, Sri Rameshwar Thakur and Jagatguru Sri Sri Sri Shivarathri Deshikendra Mahaswamiji from Suttur Mutt and all other Swamis and other dignitaries, I give my humble respects.

[00:01:11] Here I am just reading out the declaration: “His Holiness Jagadguru Sri Sri Sri Balagangadhara Natha Mahaswamiji has dedicated his life to spreading the essence of Vedic wisdom, and to the preparation of brotherhood and global peace. Under his esteemed leadership, Adichunchanagiri mutt has become a dynamic organisation with the relentless focus on the revival of, revival and integration of Vedic sciences and wisdom into modern life for the benefit of all. Under his divine supervision, hundreds of educational institutions, health care, and social service organisations have been started with the sole aim of providing the basic needs of Anna, Archchara, and Arrogya. Especially to millions in the rural communities of India, His Holiness Balan Natha Mahaswamiji continually works for the welfare and betterment of common people. The Mutt has widened his activities tremendously under his leadership. The educational institutions started by him have provided access to learning for the underprivileged. The courses offered in these institutions are a blend of modern science, and Vedic spirituality. The trust has established over 4000’s of centres and institutions, benefitting more than 70,000 students in the field of medicine, engineering, science and other schools and colleges.

[00:02:31] His healthcare organisations have continually delivered primary and intensive care to the masses under demanding circumstances. This includes an ayurvedic hospital, established in Bangalore that utilises the science and wisdom of the Vedic Rishis as the integral aspect of care. Through His Holiness’ guidance, the social service organisations have saturated the physical, psychological, and spiritual hunger of millions during times of pressing need. These include orphanages, women’s employment, and empowerment programmes, and the youth educational, cultural, spiritual camps. On an annual basis, Sri Mutt brings together the leaders of various religious traditions to facilitate discussions and means to promote the Vedic teachings and harmony, peace, and universal fraternity.

[00:03:20] So, in recognition to his noble contributions to humanity, the Honorary Doctoral Committee of the International Vedic Hindu University, the only university accredited solely focused on Vedic studies, headquartered in Orlando Florida. The university offers Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral degree programmes in Vedic studies through the extended campuses in eleven countries, and runs thirty temples around the world. The University represents one million inner scientists, rishis and saints, who have done the research and development in the inner sciences, for last 10,000 years and whose traditions are now practised by one billion, hundred crore people all over the world.”

[00:04:00] So, the Honorary Doctoral Committee of the International Vedic Hindu University is honoured to confer upon Jagadguru Sri Sri Sri Balagangadhara Natha Mahaswamiji and his Mission, its first honorary doctoral degree of Doctor of Hindu Philosophy. With all humbleness, respect, gratitude we offer our sincere pranams to Sri Sri Sri Balagangadhara Natha Mahaswamiji for serving humanity with spirit and intensity, and continually contributing, and responding to the needs of the people of Karnataka, India, and the world. We offer our humble respects and gratitude, sincere pranams, to Balagangadhara Natha Mahaswamiji and all other Swamis again, and confer the honorary doctoral degree. Thank You.

[00:04:49 - 00:06:46] Swamiji presenting award.