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KAILASA Animal Shelters (Nandi Sarvajnapeethas)

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Importance of Cows in Hinduism
According to Sanatana Hinduism, Cow is the embodiment of all Gods and Goddesses. By living and serving the cows, one attains the punya (good karma) of serving all the gods and goddesses.
Nandi Sarvajnapeetha - a History
This Nandi Sarvajnapeetha will be headquartered in Adhi Kailasa on Nandi’s Jeeva Samadhi (Nandi was a bull living in AdiKailasa Sarvajnapeetha and is considered to be the incarnation of Nandideva (Bull vehicle) of Bhagavan Paramashiva) and many kailaasas will have dedicated itit’s s own space for nandi sarvajna peetham.
Benefits of living with Cows
Just living with the cows, touching them and serving them , all your violence, anger etc just melts down. You will become a compassionate and loving being. Thousands of ancient and modern day studies and researches and observations prove living,caring and working with animals is the best cure and healing for many mental illnesses and disorders and illnesses. All those who want to live this peaceful lifestyle - just taking care of the cows, living with them and experiencing enlightenment can mail us ( [email protected] ) .
Volunteer in Goshala
Just the power of initiation and listening to guru vaak (words of the Guru) Swethakethu become enlightened just by taking care of Guru’s cows. Nandi Sarvajnapeetha will be hosting all the beings of the world and all genders will co exist including human beings. This extremely enjoyable “do what you love to do” but achieve the greatest thing in the life opportunity is opening for all.
Power manifesting Animals
We will be not just caring for animals we will be revering and worshipping them as per Paramashivas own words and these animals due to the power of the space they live, they will be manifesting powers more than human beings.
GoSeva (Serving Cows) - A Direct Path to Enlightenment
Goseva is not just good act or just for some punya or social service. GoSeva is a direct path for Enlightenment Goshalas are one of the important pillars of KAILASA ecosystem. Milk from Goshalas are used for rituals and abhishekam (sacred bath) of Sri Nithyanandeshwara Parashiva Devalaya (temple)

I feel goshalas are going to make more people enlightened in the modern era. The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, Jagatguru Mahasannidhanam, His Divine Holiness Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivam

Hindu Scritpural Reference on Goshalas (Sastra Pramana)

Kamika Agama, Chapter 44 हस्तिशालादि विधिः (hastiśālādi vidhiḥ)
Chapter 44 Directions for the Construction of Stables for Elephant and Others

Verses 29 - 31

ekas’a’la’ dvis’a’la’va’ tris’a’la’ va’tha kalpayet

catus’s’a’la’ sama’va’pi a’ya’mena yuta’pi va’
brahma’n’kan.am vr’s”opetam viyuktam va’ prakalpayet
gora’s’eravirodhena stha’nam ta’sa’m prakalpayet
gava’m raks”a’ prakartavya’ dha’nyena tr’n.ra’s’ibhih
palalairodana’dyais’ca nirma’layairva’pi pos”ayet

The cow-stable may be with single main building or it may be a complex of two or three main buildings. Or, it may be a complex of four main buildings associated with proportionate length. The cow stable should be provided with central space (brahma sthana) in which a bull is to be kept. Or, the central space may be without the bull. The auspicious features of the cow-stable are to be determined in such a way that they are concordant to the house of cow(go ra’s’i). Protection and keeping of the cows should be maintained with utmost care. The cows should be feeded with suitable grains, varieties of grass. paddy-straws and cooked food. They may be nourished with the holy remains of various offerings to the Deity.

Nandi Sarvajnapeethas City State Country
KAILASA Nandi Sarvajnapeetha Bangalore Karanataka India
KAILASA Adhi Kailash Saravajnapeetha Bangalore Karnataka India
KAILASA Hindu Temple & Aadheenam, Salem Salem TN india
KAILASA Thiruvannamalai Saravajnapeetha Thiruvannamalai Tamil Nadu India
KAILASA Peetam- Varanasi Aadheenam Varanasi Uttar Pradesh India
Kailasa Paramparagatha Kanchee Kailasa Sarvajnapeetham Kanchipuram Tamil nadu India
KAILASA Trishulam Sarvajnapeetha Trishulam, Chennai Tamil Nadu India
Erode Adheenam, Aadhi KAILASA Peetam Erode Tamilnadu India
Rajapalayam Aadheenam Rajapalayam Tamil NAdu India
Dubai Aadheenam Dubai Dubai UAE
KAILASA Madurai Saravajnapeetha Madurai Tamil Nadu India

The above temples, adheenams, and centers are aligned to the religious and spiritual teachings and principles of KAILASA and the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, Jagatguru Mahasannidhanam, His Divine Holiness Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam (the “Supreme Pontiff”) Notwithstanding the foregoing, the following temples, adheenams and centers are all independent entities that are in no way legally affiliated with, authorized by, endorsed by, or otherwise sponsored by KAILASA or its Supreme Pontiff.